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  • The maw of time consumes the future in the same way that termites consume a home, - in many small bites.

  • To thoroughly discover one's self, is to discover a bit of madness just sitting idly in a corner waiting to be summoned by circumstances.

  • If half a gallon plus half a gallon equals one full gallon, why doesn't a half wit plus a half wit equal one full wit?

  • Jealousy is like a barometer designed to measure one's insecurities.

  • When a nation's citizens find no foreign threat, they invariably threaten one another.

  • Contentment is a luxury for those that are old, but a poison to the very young.

  • If high ambitions are gnawing within us, what hope can there be for happiness?

  • We often hear it said, "I did my best." But, how can we ever know what our best is? "Best" indicates that improvement is impossible, which is itself is an impossible condition.

  • In the pursuit of self-discovery, one will be like excavating in an open-pit gold mine. First comes the dirt, and then comes the gold.

  • Sometimes the mind seems to have a mind of its own.

  • With many, the most difficult three words for them to say are: "I don't know".

  • No matter how much we may love reason, reason will never produce love.

  • Without the spark of discontent, what would move mankind toward progress? Those that are completely content only replace tomorrow with yesterday.

  • In searching for one's self, one should be prepared to seek an elusive entity, because what we are today will not be what we are tomorrow.

  • The ultimate mystery lies in understanding our own minds. That we assume that we already know our minds, is like the mountain climber, having reached the summit, then assuming to know the mineral content of the mountain. We are left to mine the mountain if we are to know what we are.

  • Before we can provide enlightenment to another we must first posses it.

  • Few things create as much impediment to understanding one another as when we try to justify our emotions as being logically derived. Our emotions are just a property of our selves and not a product of rational thought. To justify an emotion is as futile as trying to justify the existence of yellow.

  • Why is it that we so long to visit foreign lands when there are so many places within each of us that we’ve never explored?

  • If we get all wrapped up in ourselves, no one will want to deliver the package.

  • The happiest life often results from our original plans meeting a detour that takes us to where, had we been wise enough, we would have planned for at the start.

  • Imitating others is whittling oneself away in slivers.

  • It may be perfectly true that deep down inside each of us we are all the same, but that counts for little since seldom do we bring to the surface that which is so well hidden.

  • Yesterday’s river has past; tomorrow’s river is yet to be; today’s river is where we must dip our paddles.

  • Some are so emotionally starved that they find it impossible to believe that anyone would act with goodwill towards them without a selfish motive.

  • Our fears most attract those things that we fear; the things that we’ve learned to not fear pass us by as strangers.

  • In our pursuit of happiness, sometimes if we just stop and reflect, happiness will return to share in our reflections.

  • One of most important components of happiness is having many things to look forward to; doing this is much easier when one lives a simple life than when one lives lavishly, as most often to have things to look forward to will involve self-destructive things such as addictions in its many forms.

  • No matter how hard reality beats on their doors, there will always be those that will suppose that they are the doors across the hall.

  • The eyes for reading between the lines are more prone to misreading than the eyes for reading the lines.

  • No matter how much we progress, we still drag our pasts behind.

  • Fears and desires often come to us mislabeled as thoughts. Much of human failure is a result of our not recognizing this either in ourselves or others.

  • After domesticating so many animals to live peacefully in association with humans, perhaps it’s time that we next learn to domesticate humans as well.


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