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  • There is the common belief that as risk goes up, so also does the potential reward. This is true, but what isn’t generally understood is that risk increases much faster than does the likelihood of any potential reward.

  • There are very few among us that aren’t corrupted in some way by wealth.

  • Money can only open a cell door for us to find freedom; it can’t prevent us from finding another cell and becoming imprisoned yet again as many do.

  • A rapidly rising or falling stock market attracts speculators like a dying wildebeest attracts vultures on the Serengeti.

  • Few indicators work as well in the stock market as one’s own bones. If you feel it strongly in your bones that the stock market is going to keep on going down, perhaps forever, then buy, buy, buy.

  • Those that believe that protectionism is a solution for our country’s economic problems favor a solution that is like a coffin’s protection of a corpse.

  • We should carry our money about in our wallets and not in our hearts.

  • Microsoft seems a strange name for the world’s largest and hardest competitor.

  • One of the chief motivations to succeed is to astonish the in-laws.

  • Slavery came into being because of the desire to have someone toil so that the owner wouldn’t. All economic systems came into being for the same purpose, but in these cases the newer systems get the slaves to volunteer.

  • In panning for gold, suppose that one made a hundred attempts before finding the first nugget. Does that mean that the first hundred were failures? No, that is just the way life is, we attain success through continued attempting. It would be constructive if we called our nonproductive efforts as numbered attempts instead of using the word “failures”.

  • When we board an airplane, we do so with the conviction that the pilot knows where the plane is going, For this reason, investors should remain aware of what insiders are buying and selling, as these insiders are the ones that best know where their company is headed.

  • Perhaps the most effective antiperspirant doesn’t come in containers, but in a brokerage account that indicates a secure financial future.

  • The most opportune time for successful investing is at the time that most investors are failing.

  • The best fertilizer for a bountiful tomorrow is the daily application of attention to tomorrow’s needs.


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Page 13 of  33

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