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  • The most beckoning voice should be that voice that whispers within us.

  • One must be free to work if ever to be able to work to become free.

  • It may be that two wrongs won’t make a right, but there are many times that two rights have made a wrong.

  • Acne and certainty should be afflictions that only adolescence claims as its own.

  • "Fate" exists in the past, but never in the future.

  • Those that fear expressing their own unique individuality, are like agoraphobics being frightened to leave their homes.

  • Skepticism functions to keep undesirable thoughts out of heads, the way discriminating tastes keep undesirable foods out of stomachs.

  • Unless I assume myself superior, how can I ever proclaim tolerance of another?

  • Thoughts should be the building blocks of our beliefs. To what extent the building blocks are our fears, desires, mysticisms and dogmas, to that extent the beliefs are subject to great failures.

  • Death is the bouncer that finally ends our folly.

  • Universal agreement on what is quality will never make quality anything other than something that exists in our minds, no matter to what the label is attached. The style of a dress that is high quality one year will often be discarded the next even if unworn`.

  • Truth fears no question.

  • In the "Game of Life", one needs to be able to know when the game has been won.

  • The world needs royalty like we need a second appendix.

  • Rituals perform the important function of convincing us that we are not alone in our delusions.

  • Strength is most important, not in muscles, intellect, or education, but in the will to move forward towards one’s goals when encountering obstacles.

  • While we exist, we are never secure. For this reason, we accept the delusion of security so as to pacify our fears.


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Page 13 of  131

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