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  • The United Nations was created to reduce hostilities between nations. Should hostilities arise from religious zealots, why would the United Nations be anymore proficient than the Olympic Committee? Religions have no national boundaries, nor do they necessarily reflect any nationís interests. This kind of hostility demands an entirely different organization such as a "The United World Religions" that combines all religions, and the right to intervene to reduce religious hostilities.

  • The stronger we feel that our opinions are based on facts, the greater the likelihood that our opinions are on biased "facts".

  • Certainty about things is the "master poisoner" of understanding.

  • Treat power as if it were a serious disease, for power can destroy one's character as surely as disease can destroy one's body.

  • Superman was unharmed by bullets, but could he have withstood the scorn directed at every president?

  • Isaac Newton was right in saying: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This principle is obvious in the formation of protest groups. For every important government action, there will be an army of protestors formed for its reversal.

  • It is perhaps the greatest failure of our social evolution that peace must often be preserved by the use of force, especially when it is so clear that all nations would benefit enormously from not having to do so.

  • No one, not even in fiction, has ever had the power equal to that ascribed to a president, both in his negative effects charged by his opponents and in his positive effects claimed by his supporters.

  • We should expect continued abuse of power in our court system as long as prosecutors are rated on their win/loss ratios like baseball pitchers.

  • Our lives are not something that was loaned to us by the state. If oneís life belongs to the individual, why then should the state have any power whatsoever over whether a life will be continued or ended if that life is truly ours alone?

  • Peace will always be preferred to war, unless that longing for peace is likely to be so abused by others as to make an even greater war inevitable. It may be that the cost of our greatest peace is the occasional anguish of war, as few things of value ever come free of cost.

  • Perhaps there is no business like show business, but politics is rapidly closing the gap.


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