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  • Those that hold icons dear are in danger when near iconoclasts.

  • When "facts speak for themselves" many hear them say "Sorry to bother you, go back to sleep".

  • Though we may have many acquaintances, we may know very few, perhaps even none.

  • Generally, those that are most respected are those that most respect others.

  • A question is only a quest to know, not an examination to discover another's ignorance.

  • Emotion without direction is regretted by the wise and admired by the unwise.

  • A person is not being educated if certainty increases and doubt diminishes.

  • Money can never make a person anything except wealthy. It is just as capable of making tears as smiles.

  • A happy retirement doesn't come from having nothing to do, but from filling life with many things we want to do, that sleep becomes an intrusion.

  • The person that avoids idleness when alone will also show industry in working. The person, that likes to idle when alone, will hide idleness while appearing to work.

  • Nature abhors a vacuum the same way that groups abhor silence.

  • Those that decry knowledge, because knowledge is often abused, seem to infer that there is a greater blessing in ignorance. The tendency to abuse doesn't flow from knowledge, but from the profound ignorance that ignores what we mean to one another.

  • Experience comes at a price that is seldom quoted in dollars, but in time.

  • Carrion attracts vultures the way that ignorance attracts those that would oppress.

  • Many labor unions regard those leaders the wisest, as those that can gain as much as possible from their employer without creating bankruptcy. It is an unfortunate parasite that kills its host. It is a wise labor leader that wants prosperity for the employer.


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