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  • Some people seem to believe, that since curiosity killed the cat, that they might be next.

  • Some of those that draw their own conclusions could be accused of graffiti.

  • You can march to the beat of a different drummer and gain nothing unless that different drummer is found within.

  • At some unidentified point in our development we make a decision that will determine how we grow for the rest of our lives; that decision is to either be a vine, that seeks its support and direction from others, or to become a tree that grows independently, and which, if others choose, to support the vines that will grow and climb that tree.

  • You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can fool all yourself all of the time.

  • The longer that something false is held as true, the more it becomes true and the less it becomes false.

  • We forget more readily those that step on our toes than those that step on our feelings.

  • Mistakes are only detour signs on the road of life, not stop signs.

  • Words arenít meant to be poked into the ears of others but to be laid out to be sampled.

  • When we regard another as superior, we have just made him that; when we regard ourselves as inferior, we have just made ourselves that.

  • When we throw ourselves into our work, success often depends in throwing all of ourselves in.

  • If life gets too heavy to bear, donít blame gravity.

  • Undoubtedly there are hundreds of things that we canít do, and one of them is being able to tell in advance if something is one of them.

  • The reason that some say that they donít get married is because the right person hasnít come along. It shouldnít be a surprise, if the right person did come along, that the other wasnít the right person for them.

  • It is easy to break rules because they are so fragile and are delivered to us without bubble-wrap.

  • Those that push against the sides of the ďenvelopeĒ should go ahead and get on the outside; because it is there that the greatest opportunities await.

  • One of the main reasons that so many avoid thinking is that they donít have a learnerís permit.

  • Beware of anyone that refers to themselves as a ďweĒ.

  • Few things are so feared as new thoughts as to the nature of man; this fear is so great that they are immediately relegated to the realm of nonsense so that they canít threaten the delusions that must be preserved at all costs.

  • Those that are confident that they speak the truth, are untroubled by the disbeliefs of others, for they know that truth will always triumph over that which is false.

  • Before you start waiting for your ship to come in, you first need to build or buy one.

  • Doing your best at what you like doing the most isnít work, itís the pinnacle of existence.

  • One way to be sure of being remembered after death, is to die deeply in debt to many creditors.

  • Affectations are gambles of that which is not owned, in an effort to win that which cannot be won.


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