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  • Making love, is to a lasting relationship, as mortar is to the bricks of a wall; you can have the mortar without the brick wall and you can have a brick wall without the mortar, at least for a while.

  • It is said that we should be aware of that of which we are ignorant; but, how is it possible to know of those things, that surely exist, of which no one is aware?

  • As love takes over, rationality flees; as rationality takes over, love flees.

  • The person that is unable to unlearn most of what was learned as a child is doomed to remain an ever-aging child.

  • Leisure isn’t the same as idleness, though on occasion it may seem so; leisure is the freedom to choose from among all of one’s alternatives, only one of which is idleness.

  • Although each of us believes that we know ourselves, what most of us really know are our emotions and a few superficial facts; this amounts to about as much knowledge of ourselves as the knowledge we gain of an automobile by looking at its picture.

  • Often leaders are only following what they believe to be the will of the followers.

  • Ingratitude, like a fishbone, is difficult to swallow.

  • The argument that goes- “What would the world be like if everyone acted like you?” misses an important point, that being oneself will never cause an appreciable number of imitators, let alone the whole world.

  • One should never grow weary of giving kindnesses just because they go unrecognized; for even though many seeds of a tree never sprout, we still have forests.

  • There are a few things in life we can control, and even more that we can only influence; but, there are far more things that affect us of which we are unaware of but knowable and can’t influence. and even more that affect us that are unknowable, and therefore we can never influence.

  • Our natures are seldom the same as those that our culture tries to imitate; that is one of the reasons that humans take so long before they are regarded as mature.

  • A secure person has no more use for jealousy than a pyramid does for buttresses.

  • The person that finds joy in small things is blessed; the person that only finds joy in major things is cursed.

  • There are those, so fearful of being controlled by others, that they interpret any effort to help as an effort to manipulate.

  • The greatest mystery story that we will ever encounter is the one waiting within each of us.

  • In the long evolution of mankind we should wonder what essential purpose laughter and tears served in survival.

  • Did you ever wonder where the self-made man acquired his excellent craftsmanship?

  • One reason that our lives will never pass this way again is because this way is certain to become another way.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 121 of  161

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