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  • It isn’t mandatory that we understand anything; but it seems mandatory that we believe that we understand everything.

  • Many, if not most of our beliefs, are held only because we have never examined them; rather we have taken them in with no more examination than when contracting a communicable disease.

  • Being doomed to repeat the past isn’t so bad when compared to just being doomed.

  • Hypocrisy is like a lemon that is disguised as an apple.

  • Our failures are too important to blame on bad luck; failures are valuable because they have the ability to teach us more than any book ever could.

  • The person that fails expects the road of success to not have potholes; the person that succeeds expects that the road will have many potholes.

  • Many believe that faith and science are opposites; yet without faith, the scientist would also be lost because the scientist must have faith that science’s methods will produce the desired ends even though it so often fails to do so.

  • The human mind has the amazing capacity to take that, which is totally unknowable, and create a make-believe world that erases all doubts and fears.

  • Having no precise goals in life is like navigating with a broken compass.

  • Our memories of long ago become more like distant relatives of what was true.

  • As long as individuals are prone to be certain of knowing what is right and wrong, conflict will follow and result in less right and more wrong, according to the judgments of all parties.

  • We can never know that we can’t do something; we can only know that we haven’t done something, no matter how many times that we’ve failed.

  • Just because we have been proven wrong on some matter doesn’t make the other’s opinion correct.

  • Each of us exists minutely within a flicker of time; yet within the flickering many imagine themselves great and immortal.

  • By keeping our bodies busy, we permit our minds to lie fallow and subjected to the growth of ideas that reason would otherwise have denied entry.

  • It takes a great deal of learning before we realize how ignorant we are.

  • Those that seek perfection seek an apparition.

  • Wondering where we are in eternity is like wondering where a circle begins.

  • When we are doing our best, we are succeeding even in failure.

  • The number one refuge for fools is named “Certainty”.

  • Using logic in the absence of knowledge is like using a mill to grind air. Using knowledge without logic is like shooting a gun without knowing its target.

  • Many of our conclusions about what others should do are like a willow assuming to know the needs of a cactus.

  • In the game of life, it is mankind that makes the rules that determine whether anything is fair or not. Unfortunately, each individual tends to adopt their own rules and then expect others to comply with them.

  • It is difficult to grow up until you discover where up is.

  • The most seductive of all beliefs are those that provide “knowledge” of the unknowable.

  • The measuring stick of happiness is not innate; it is learned and can be learned in such a way as to cause happiness as well as to cause unhappiness.


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Page 121 of  131

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