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  • If ever there comes a time when the present and future seem dark, that is the time to become a lamp.

  • Sometimes our wisest words are those that we think but never speak.

  • Those that say that we should never doubt ourselves seem to be in denial about reality. We are much more likely to cause failures by not remembering that our choices are very often in error than by believing that they never are.

  • No matter how many times you tell someone that you love them, you’ll discover after they’ve died, that it still wasn’t enough.

  • Never be afraid to tempt fate; rather let fate be afraid to tempt you.

  • One of the qualities that most elevates us in the eyes of others, is not our always being right, but the willingness to say that we were wrong when that was the case.

  • Destiny is a long road paved with daily decisions.

  • A little learning is a dangerous thing, not because it is little, but because the learner believes it to be much.

  • Life is like the ball in a pinball machine; they all end up in the hole at the bottom, but it’s the bounces along the way that matter.

  • If time seems to go by too quickly, it is easy to slow it down; all you have to do is sit and watch a clock tick off the seconds for an hour or two.

  • The person that you tend to become most like, is the person that you believe yourself to already be.

  • We should never fear to ask ourselves questions even if we believe they have no answers.

  • The progress of individuals is largely dependent on how much they are delayed by trivia.

  • Fear of failure motivates some to do better while it motivates many to do nothing.

  • So much has been accomplished by those that weren’t smart enough to know that it couldn’t be.

  • Beware of the person that is motivated by a long-range plan; because he cannot be diverted by what he likes or what he fears.

  • Achieving success is like paddling a canoe upstream; you need to paddle faster than the current against you; and if you stop paddling, you get swept away downstream.

  • Though it may sound strange, the most important friend that you will ever make is yourself.

  • To live life by avoiding the intensity of what is experienced, whether it be joy or sorrow, is to live a life so bland as to be equivalent to unsweetened porridge each day of one’s life. Life is to be experienced, not just endured.

  • One of surest ways to become successful is to discover that thing that makes you the happiest and then become so good at it that others will want to pay you for continuing to do so.

  • Most believe that in the daylight that they can see the furthest; however, it is on the blackest of nights that we can see the furthest if we would only look up to the skies.

  • We learn nothing in recognizing the faults in others; but we could learn something of ourselves by trying to understand why we take any notice at all of a fault in another.

  • Genius that seeks fame is most often an imitation of genius.

  • The fact that your idea may seem stupid is no reason for its abandonment, as others probably have had the same thought and been turned away by its stupidity, thus leaving the field open for entirely new approach.


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