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  • A kiss is the seal of approval that one heart gives to another.

  • “Logical” is the crown that each of us wears but seldom see on another.

  • We can more understand another, not by observing the grand things that they do, but by observing the small things that they do.

  • The limits on what we can do will always be theoretical; for even though we have done our best for today, we are yet to know what we can do tomorrow.

  • The things that individuals want most to learn are those things that reinforce what they’ve already learned. The things that individuals want to avoid learning the most are those things that negate what they’ve already learned.

  • There are many for which the revealing of one terrible truth would be more despised than a hundred falsehoods.

  • Whether or not life extends beyond our last breath, we should make sure that it extended before.

  • There seems to be two kinds of people, those that believe that they exist and their bodies are their slaves, and those that believe that they exist and their minds are their slaves.

  • We are far more the result of our accidents than of our planning.

  • The things that are said, while sexually excited, might be excused as having been said by reason of temporary insanity.

  • The happiest marriage is when each party’s greatest wealth consists of the other.

  • At times, it does seem that life’s a stage; however, the audience is restricted to critics.

  • Although it is undoubtedly true that “If I think, therefore I am.”, it is also becoming painfully true that “If I don’t think therefore I am not.”

  • As a duckling, emerging from its egg, becomes imprinted by whatever it first sees; so also do lovers become imprinted by their first loves.

  • One of the qualities of a mature mind is the wanting to hear that which is unpleasant, but none-the-less necessary for one’s progress

  • We are never as alone as when we are in the presence of another that refuses to talk.

  • Love is the strongest persistent positive emotion that we have regarding anything real or imaginary.

  • One of the most attractive qualities of a person is the ear, and not just a any ear, but the one that is attuned to the words of others.

  • Pure love makes no demands, not even to be loved in return.


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Page 122 of  161

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