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  • In the games that we play, we can accept losing because time has expired; in the game of life, there is no requirement to accept losing until we have expired.

  • Perhaps the meaning of life can be answered only after we have first discovered the meaning of a rock.

  • Only in ignorance do the affairs of mankind seem simple.

  • It is positive to feel that you can do anything that another has done. It is a disaster to believe and act as though that were true.

  • Every opinion can seem correct when the problem is not understood.

  • It is hard to accept, but is probably true, that in a couple of generations, people will look back and wonder how we could have believed so many things of today as being factual.

  • It has been said that we can never step on our shadows; but if we would only look beneath our feet, we will find that we are always standing on our shadows; the only time that we can’t step on our shadows is when we are in complete darkness. Even in the brightest sunshine and at noontime too, we will always tread on our shadows. Shadows always accompany us throughout life until meeting that final darkness.

  • No amount of verifiable evidence will ever displace a comforting falsehood.

  • Almost all of what we do today was at one time regarded as undoable.

  • Many conversations are really just emotions disguised with words.

  • The intensity of a belief has no bearing on its truth value.

  • When we worry about what others think of us, we spend more time thinking of them than we do of ourselves.

  • Those that don’t appreciate the many blessings of life are like an accountant that can only read the liability columns.

  • The further anything is from science, the greater should be the doubt as to the truth of those expressing authority.

  • Beliefs that require the support of many are incapable of being supported on their merits.

  • It is a strange malady of the human mind that gives more credence to the words of a stranger than to those that we’ve long known.

  • Before a person can “be themselves” that person must first know who they are. Generally all a person knows about themselves are their emotions of fear and desire.

  • Courage takes on many forms; where one might be unafraid to go into war might shirk from expressing a disagreement with peers; another might be willing to disagree with peers but would shirk from the dangers of war. But, which is the brave and which is the coward?

  • Ideally, we would only speak the truth; but in life, all we can hope for is to speak what we believe to be true.

  • There are many that believe that those that have died still watch us from afar when actually they only watch from within.

  • When we return to a place of our childhood, it is surprising to see that the houses have become smaller and the hills less steep; were we permitted to do the same by much later returning to the Earth itself, we would also discover how tiny it has become as well.

  • To say we had no choice is an attempt to abandon responsibility for our acts; the first time that we will really have no choice will be at the moment of death.

  • Many commitments are really obsessions all prettied up for consumption.

  • Confidence is an exhilarating emotion and leads to success when soundly based; without being soundly based, confidence can lead us on to thin ice and disaster.


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