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  • We never regret not hating, but we oh so often regret never loving, and doubly so to love but to have seldom spoken the word.

  • A plan made without commitment is only a wish.

  • When we are blunt with others, they feel the sharpness of our words.

  • To say that something is good or bad, and all of the many words that are similar, is not to communicate information but to communicate feelings. To understand this will lead to fewer disputes as one would hardly dispute that the feelings of another exist.

  • The lies that will suffer us the most are the ones that we tell ourselves.

  • Creativity is going where you believe no one has gone before; should you discover other footprints there, carry yours a bit further.

  • Although we gain much through our kindness and charity, if we do these for gain, they are neither kindness nor charity but self-interest in disguise. Our gains should come as the wake of a boat, a result but not the purpose.

  • When a child takes its first step, it is to the applause of those that care, and so it is with our first steps in whatever we do; if there is disinterest or criticism, the first step may become the last.

  • The bitterest words that weíll ever regret are the harsh words spoken to our loved ones and the harsh words the loved ones spoke to us.

  • We should remember that all those that we regard as superior failed in being like everyone else.

  • One that continues to believe that realizing an ultimate goal is only one step away, will eventually realize that ultimate goal.

  • The most important change that we can make is when we get rid of those things within us that arenít really a part of us.

  • There is no gain and only pain when we blame or shame.

  • Those that are driven need to be very careful with whom they compete; or else they will destroy themselves against a superior competitor.

  • Those that require consistency should find themselves a rock.

  • The longest road ahead of us is the one that never feels our feet.

  • One of the biggest problems of knowledge isnít that we need more of it; rather, it is that we should make more use of what we already have.

  • Evil seldom germinates except in lust for power of some sort.

  • One will usually get more than expected if that expectation is that one will always do his best.

  • Reputation and a match can be burned but once.

  • Perhaps it is wiser, not to live so that we go to Heaven, but to live so that Heaven comes to us.


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