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  • Untruths tend to die a natural death at the hands of reality; however deeply held convictions, that are also untrue, tend to die only when we die.

  • Our expectations are like a tape measure that we use to measure tomorrow without ever wondering if the tape measure was accurate when tomorrow arrives and disappoints.

  • An often repeated dogma dulls our objectivity the same way that hair dulls the steel edge of a razor.

  • Humans are unique in their ability to cause their beliefs to see what cannot be seen and hear what cannot be heard.

  • There are two kinds of people that fail, those that believe that failing doesn’t matter and those that believe that succeeding is everything.

  • Perhaps it is a kind of Freudian slip that we say that we are descended from the apes instead of ascended.

  • Preconceptions are the nails that seal the doors to greater understandings and wisdom.

  • Perseverance often comes disguised as genius.

  • To act kindly out of necessity isn’t kindness; rather that is compliance. A kind act is given voluntarily without the expressed expectations of the recipient.

  • Some are so indecisive that they believe, in deciding to not decide, that they have not decided.

  • When you concern yourself with how well others are doing you are doing yourself less well.

  • Without dreams, life would be barren; with only dreams, life is barren.

  • Most individuals would progress more if they instead of blindly believing authorities would doubt them instead.

  • If one suffers the ravages of aging, the thought of death might seem less frightening and could give new meaning to the old saying,- “Better late than never”.

  • As beauty is solely in the eye of the beholder, so also is evil.

  • One of the most difficult things to accept in our existence is that the Universe may be totally indifferent to us.

  • The best example to live up to is the idealized self-image that we have of ourselves.

  • Failures should be expected in life; what would be remarkable would be if we had none.

  • Popular delusions shouldn’t be completely abandoned because without them most of mankind wouldn’t want tomorrow.

  • Everyone seems to want the sincere agreement of others even if their agreeing is based on poor reasoning and misinformation.

  • When we think of faith, it is usually in the context of religion; however there are those that have faith that mankind is interested only in itself even though there is demonstrable evidence to the contrary.

  • Many seem surprised when they see others acting illogically; however logic is a useful tool only when there are very few variables. Within another’s choices are numerous variables, unknown to another observer; thus it is highly illogical to expect human behavior to appear logical.

  • Many assume that we are born free even though the constraints on an infant are much greater than an adult. Freedom is only an abstract concept that indicates being without the feeling of being constrained. For instance if one doesn’t aspire to flap arms and fly, one will never feel constrained and therefore never suffer from that lack of freedom.

  • We often seem surprised at not understanding things that others seem to understand; but that should not surprise us because we also fail to understand most of the things that we believe we understand. Our understandings are usually little more than the understanding of an apple by just being able to recognize and name it.


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Page 123 of  131

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