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  • We can measure the maturity of ourselves in how little is required to make us happy. We can measure the immaturity of ourselves in how little it takes to make us unhappy.

  • Opportunities are less often discovered than they are made.

  • Dogma is a kind of crutch that permits those, handicapped b the lack of reason, to pass through life unencumbered by thought.

  • Humility is a virtue until one becomes proud of it.

  • Because one is correct and another is not, is not an invitation to enlighten.

  • In the nation of ďMe-TooĒ the ďIím NotĒ rules.

  • Life comes to us without purpose, but we come to life by giving it purpose.

  • Perhaps absolute power does corrupt absolutely; but even more are corrupted by the lust of absolute power.

  • Promises made twice are one too many.

  • That which we fear is more likely to attack our backs than our fronts.

  • Those that thirst for the approval of others will find their thirst unquenchable.

  • Melancholy is a product of inactivity; a busy person doesnít have time for it.

  • Those that are prone to straddling fences, will, after a while, have reproductive problems.

  • If Americanís become any more hypersensitive to affront, there soon will be nothing that is innocuous.

  • To say that the average person lives a life of quiet desperation places too much emphasis on emotions; more accurately, the average person lives a life of quiet unemotional apathy.

  • Many males overlook the obvious fact that before they can become a great man that they first must become a man.

  • Sometimes when weíve done our best, it isnít as beneficial as our second best.

  • There is more to be said for participation in the human race than there is in the rat race.

  • For many, the ladder of success should be climbed downward.

  • Instead of asking permission, be bold and act, therefore placing the burden on others to deny you.

  • The pursuit of our goals in life should be like car tires with self-sealing ability, in that no matter how many times our pursuits are pierced by defeats, our pursuits donít deflate and we continue forward.

  • Like many of us, the crowing of a rooster is only a hypothesis, as it doesnít know if it was successful or failed of which it crows.

  • Always be suspicious of deceit when another would find it profitable to use it.

  • Never feel bad when youíve lost doing your best; rather feel good for the skills of the victor and learn from them. The time to feel bad is when youíve lost but failed to do your best.

  • If we want, we can discover many things in life without ever moving a muscle, such as the fault of others or the beauty in living.

  • Although the past cannot be changed, what will become the past can be; this is because the past is what we manufacture moment by moment.

  • Humans are the only creatures that when they have no major problems will manufacture major problems from trifles.

  • Donít forget, if everything comes to those that wait, that one of those things will be death.

  • The things that many treasure more than their lives are their beliefs; for many have died for their beliefs, most of which are abandoned and forgotten today.

  • Those that claim to lose their patience, usually claim the loss of what they little had.

  • In a sense, at the time when we were born, each of us was like someone that was placed in a canoe with two paddles; at first we are carried along by the external forces that we could neither control nor influence. For some unknown reason, some of us focus on the swiftness of the current and only use the paddles to steer their descent downstream. However others use their paddles to move upstream, even though they know that at some point in the future, they also will abandon their paddles and go down the stream like everyone else.

  • If you discover that you have no talents, you can always excel in humility.

  • We should live our lives as though our most noteworthy acts lie in the future.

  • Experience is what keeps us from getting bored by making the same mistakes over and over.

  • The book of our future is written by us dally.

  • It is difficult to distinguish between the mental abilities of those that are average, but intensely motivated, and those who are true geniuses but are unmotivated.

  • The path from the womb to the tomb is already short, but still there are those that look for a shortcut.

  • Those that havenít conquered themselves have a slave-master living within,

  • Because one claims to be an authority is not a reason to believe, but it is a reason to consider.

  • Think so highly of others that you have no fear of their judgments of you.

  • Successful people have learned that the road to success is paved with failures.

  • Few things contribute more to a productive life as focusing only on those things that one can change and ignoring those things that one cannot.

  • As the smaller the dust, the more easily it is disturbed by a small wind; the smaller the mind, the more easily it is disturbed by a small annoyance.

  • No matter how good something is, when it is excessive, it becomes bad; however when something is bad, no matter how much it is reduced, it still is regarded as bad.

  • The things that happen to us that can be described by words affect our intellect; what canít be described by words affects our intuition.

  • Those searching for truth should be prepared to not look away once spied because it often appears as a predator to our ways.

  • Eliminating what oppresses us doesnít create freedom; all that does is open its door. Freedom, when found, will be found within. It is the feeling of not being constrained in what we do. This is possible even when it may appear to others that our constraints abound.

  • The problem isnít that people donít know what theyíre doing; the problem is that they donít know the consequences of what theyíre doing.

  • We are noticed by our words; however, we are known by our deeds.

  • The road ahead is much easier traveled when it is swept free of those things that canít be changed.

  • The main value of the internet is that it enables us to find the maximum amount of information to support what we already believe.


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