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  • It seems that there are some people who just canít be happy unless they find something to be unhappy about.

  • Memories of youth are seldom objective; they are either all dressed up or made shabby depending on the emotional needs of the one that remembers.

  • Many love their country like new-born piglets love their motherís teats.

  • The predispositions of a listener, lubricate the successful launching of a lie by another.

  • When we go hunting for ego-satisfactions, our first prey is often the truth.

  • To the miserable, the sweetest story is of the greater misery of another.

  • It is a gift to love another, but which benefits the most?

  • We play the game of life hoping that we will win, but finally the light reveals that the opponent is our self.

  • The wellspring of our fears flows within us, not about us.

  • Love shrivels on a diet of neglect.

  • We seldom dislike another that likes the same music that we do.

  • Life is but a loan that is made with a very large balloon clause at maturity.

  • Although change is the one constant in life, the kind of change isnít.

  • In watching a movie, that was watched long ago, some things are remembered that seem insignificant and other things are forgotten that seem significant; this must mean something about us individually, but what?

  • Newspapers tend to focus on those things that are most alarming; and the reason that they do so is because we need alarm to interrupt our boredom.

  • Before declaring a man mad, we should first inquire as to whether he is in his forties.

  • Curiosity is the steroid that strengthens the mind.

  • How are we to distinguish between a miser and one who is happy with little and wanting for no more than is already owned?

  • Looking for a fault in another rarely fails in finding what was sought.

  • Each sorrow of a dayís passing is the joy of anotherís dawning.

  • Sound and light diminish in proportion to the square of the distance from their sources; but we shouldnít be surprised to find that the accuracy of our recollections also diminish in proportion to square of the time that has lapsed from what is remembered.

  • Modest perseverance towards an end is most often more successful than the efforts of the strongest that donít endure.

  • It is difficult to progress with our backs turned towards the future and with our focus on the past.


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Page 124 of  161

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