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  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………….,The Denial of Denial…………………………………………………….

  • It is an all too human tendency to deny that which is very painful to accept. We are well aware of this tendency when something, very painful to accept, comes to our awareness. However, there are many things about the very nature of being human that we have become so accustomed to in denying that we no longer consider that we are denying at all.

  • For instance, we imagine our great importance in the Universe when it is all too apparent that we are as insignificant as an ant except to ourselves and those around us.

  • We also imagine our importance in time and regard the time of our existence to be the most important of all times that were and will be; however, we are insignificant in time as well as have been all humankind throughout history. All living things that we know of will be swept away by the broom of time and leave the Universe the same as if we had never existed.

  • But, perhaps the greatest and most frequent of our denials is in our denying that we are even denying these two basic denials. As long as we are denying that we are denying these two denials, we will remain trapped into a kind of thinking that will continue to make us unable to adapt to a rapidly changing world that requires us to confront and solve life’s multitude of problems.

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  • The most painful memories are those of what should have been but weren’t.

  • No matter how much we may long to discover the purpose of life, there is more than the remote chance that all we will find is what we have placed there.

  • Only through ignorance do we believe that we understand most; only through knowledge do we believe that we understand least.

  • We often make the mistake of saying that another believes something; all we can do is say that another claims to believe, as there are often very many reasons to express a belief that is different from what one believes, social acceptance being most often the case.

  • The kind of learning that has the greatest appeal is that learning that indicates that what we already knew is all that we need to know.

  • If we live in the best of times, as well as the worst of times, then we are living in an average time.

  • If we do a good deed because we believe that it will somehow comeback to us, the good deed was really a loan disguised as a gift.

  • Being bound by dogmas is like being a recluse in a door-less home with windows made of stone.

  • One of life’s greatest pleasures comes secretly when we do things that will benefit others without their ever knowing that it was done by another.

  • Whenever we do something only to impress another we discover something within of which we are ashamed.

  • Faith is expressed by claiming knowledge of that which in unknowable.

  • Ideally, ideals should not be written in stone; rather they should be changed as we grow in very much the same way that we would not regard the ideal fit of a shoe at twenty to be the same shoe that we wore at ten.

  • Perhaps the greatest enemy of the average individual is an idea that greatly threatens the comfort of an old idea. Much of the information that is required to be learned at universities has no more, and perhaps less utility, than trying to memorize a phone book.

  • Wealth has the wonderful ability to provide for our needs but not the ability to provide happiness. To achieve happiness, one must be prepared to turn loose of things in order to soar. Those who attach themselves to things will continue believing that only by having things that one will find happiness.

  • It is helpful to look at our acts of kindness, even to strangers, as a kind of repayment for all of the benefits of kindness that we have received from others, both unknown and unknowable.

  • There would be more happy people if they stopped searching for the meaning of life and started putting meaning into their lives.


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