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  • Words that are only thought are like an egg before it is laid. Words that are only written are like an egg that has been laid. Words that are spoken are like a hatchling that has flown the nest to places unknown.

  • Saving face is required only if the face is false; if the face is genuine, it will never need saving.

  • Afterthoughts are about as useful as a ticket-stub to last nightís movie.

  • Perhaps the reason that so many are more praised after their deaths than before is because the praise canít go to their heads.

  • Obligations arenít chains that we can make and impose on another; rather, obligations are the chains that one makes and imposes on oneself.

  • A side-effect is an unintended effect caused by something intended to produce a different effect. Happiness can be regarded as a side-effect that results from trying to produce a different result. This explains why those that seek happiness directly rarely find it while those that seek other things so often do.

  • The possibility that we may be forced to eat our words, is reason enough to ake sure that they are sweet and not bitter.

  • When we surround ourselves with those that believe as we do, any falsehood can be accepted as true.

  • Never waste your words on those that have shown that they donít believe you.

  • The easiest way to prevent a mind from becoming empty is to keep it open to whatever conflicts with what is already believed.

  • We seldom misjudge others so much as when we assume that they will act rationally.

  • We can live and learn or not long live.

  • Women tend to focus on what a woman is wearing; men tend to focus on what they arenít.

  • Perhaps it would be better for some if today were named do-day.

  • It is true that variety is the spice of life, but like adding too much of any spice, you can reach a point where lack of palatability becomes a problem.

  • We can no more kill time than we can kill a river by watching it flow by.

  • Today, every adversity gives birth to a host of those that want to find someone to blame; how blaming anyone benefits anybody will always be one of lifeís great mysteries.

  • If we tell the truth, we donít have to remember what we said; all we need to remember then is what happened.

  • Those that cling to the past will be left there.

  • Abstract words are words that have meaning only to the person that uses them, and perhaps not even then; abstract words are like jars in that they always have the same form but take on their importance by what we place within them.

  • The more that one concentrates efforts in one field, the greater the likelihood of great success; and because of this great success, delusions arise and tend to make that person feel wise in all fields.

  • Those that boast of their ancestry have just revealed their own lack of accomplishments.

  • Knowledge is only a tool that can be used to make something out of lifeís experiences in much the same way that that a carpenterís tools can be used to make a home out of lumber.


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Page 125 of  139

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