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  • Diversity of opinion is essential for any society to grow and adapt to the future; the alternative is the inbreeding of opinions that weakens and produces distorted entities coalescing towards extinction.

  • The skilled writer paints with words, that which can be seen, as well as that which can not be seen.

  • It is the nature, in a free country, that whatever is proposed, there will sprout those that oppose.

  • Violence, when used against those that have different beliefs, acts like a smelter and forge that turns bits of iron into a sword.

  • We are not born with prejudices; but like diseases, we acquire them from others and then later infect others, thus preventing these diseases from dying with hosts.

  • The Milky Way Galaxy is but a tiny speck in the Universe; the Solar System is but a tiny speck in the Milky Way; the Earth is but a tiny speck in the Solar System, and we are but a tiny speck on the Earth. Therefore each of us is only a tiny speck, which is on a tiny speck, which is on a tiny speck, which is on a tiny speck, and which is only a tiny speck within the Universe. To imagine that an individual, or even all of mankind, is significant in the Universe is wish fulfillment and delusional in the extreme.

  • When around some individuals, to speak at length is like sending up a series of clay-targets for a skeet-shooter.

  • Originality is the creation of something new made from that which is old, and which may only be new to us and not unique.

  • The presence burns like the intensity of a lighted fuse that left only ashes behind, and is left with an unknowable length yet to flare.

  • It is the rare person that will hold to beliefs that discomfort and not be seduced by those beliefs that console with their falseness.

  • That small spark of creativity, which we all started with, is readily extinguished by the pressures to comply with the expectations of others; yet though extinguished, it can be lit again if one looks within instead of without.

  • Persuasion cannot be accomplished with a club, although agreement may be.

  • The recipient of philanthropy isnít concerned as to the motive of the donor, whether caused by empathy, habit, or self-aggrandizement.

  • When we take what another has said and claim it for our own, we call that plagiarism; however when we imitate anotherís life and then claim it as our own, we call that role-modeling.

  • One of the great treasures of mankind is the individual that when told that something canít be done, sets off to prove that prophesy false.

  • We all know that there are poisons that can harm or destroy the body, but, there are also poisons that can do the same with the mindís functioning, and none are so thorough and as long lasting as are dogmas.

  • We are weakened and made vulnerable in rough proportion to the number of things that we attach ourselves to that we believe that we canít do without.

  • What was long ago denied us continues to move us like the point of a compass to the North.

  • Often, when one digs a grave for another, he fails to leave it.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 125 of  161

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