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  • Some are all cackle and no egg.

  • One doesnít have to be blind to overlook the shortcomings of others; it only requires that we donít possess our own shortcoming of being critical.

  • The eyes often speak words that the mouth never does.

  • We enter life as empty vessels that are filled by those closest to us; it is for those that want to be free to discover what things that were placed within us that confines, and what liberates; then to starve the first and feed the second, for if not done, the first will become a parasite and consume the second.

  • Of all of the words that we know, perhaps the most important is the word ďnoĒ when we tell it to ourselves.

  • When a baby is born, the parents are happy that the child isnít crippled in some way; to show their relief, they often set about to cripple the child by trying to protect it from the consequences of its acts.

  • It is far more tempting to mind other peopleís business than oneís own.

  • Judging others instead of understanding them will continue to be more common if only for the reason that judging requires so little thinking while understanding requires so much.

  • Although it is true that honesty pays, it pays more slowly than dishonesty.

  • We have often been told to just be ourselves, as though we could do otherwise. Even when we attempt to be like another, we are just being so insecure about ourselves that we vainly attempt to be like another.

  • Great misfortunes most often come after we beckon them.

  • Nothing clarifies a thought as much as oneís preparations for explaining that thought to another.

  • As we would want the world to treat our children well, we should also treat others well because they are the children of others.

  • A completely open mind will permit anything to enter; it is better to have an open mind with a filter that can separate the possible from the nonsense.

  • We can accurately predict some of the future if we are willing enough to make it.

  • We can learn something about how wisdom is perceived; we tend to impart wisdom to the owl and the cat because they tend to remain silent and move little; so probably it is also how others might perceive us if we abide likewise.

  • Our greatest threat lies not in new ideas; rather it is in our tendency to cling to ideas of the past that are inadequate to the problems of the present and the future.

  • He who travels furthest is the one that has learned to be the judge of his own steps.

  • The one procrastination that is useful to use is to procrastinate procrastination.

  • Just because one has found something worth dying for doesnít equal the necessity of dying; it only means that something is worth devoting ones life to that also might incur dying.

  • We donít have to know exactly what perfection is in order to move towards it. We need only know its direction.

  • Those who are successful are those that act before conditions are optimal.

  • In general, the more credit we give to others the more that we will be given.

  • Education to many amounts to acquiring as much knowledge as possible to reinforce oneís preconceptions.

  • There are cases where a bunt is as good as a homerun.

  • Patience will reveal the weakness of a competitor while haste reveals our own.


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