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  • First impressions of others are like the first impressions of a watermelon; it isn’t until they open that you discover what is important.

  • When we release a rock, we know it will fall to earth no matter how hard it is thrown. When we release our words, some may fall within the lifetime of the listener, but some not even then.

  • One can destroy more in one minute with the tongue than in a year with the hands.

  • When we were children, we functioned as adding machines that added all that was confronted; when we become old we become subtracting machines that subtract more things than are confronted.

  • A guilt-free conscience turns a stone floor into a featherbed.

  • A harsh word causes a bloodless wound.

  • Although each of us has some envy, few will ever confess to its possession.

  • Black will always be the finest of colors to the crow.

  • The embers, which are left in a fireplace, are preserved by its ashes in much the same way that determination will preserve the will to succeed even after many failures.

  • Even a fool will speak of some wisdom if allowed to continue, but will not know which is wise and which is foolish.

  • The fox doesn’t care about the prestige of the owner of the hen house.

  • A true miser is one who will keep his gold in his pocket even when falling into deep water.

  • Some people’s need of others shares that kind of need with a leach.

  • The desperate will regard every acquaintance a friend.

  • Unhappiness is guaranteed if focusing on what is lacking in life instead of what is abundant.

  • Our shallowness of character causes us to judge others, of another time and place, by the standards of our own culture, even though this is completely irrational; and to some extent, the same is true of any judgment of another, because each of us, is in many ways, of another time and place.

  • A harmless word from an enemy sounds more like a snarl. The roving eye never strays far except with the body.

  • The guilty seldom see the beauty of a tree, but they do see a handy limb for a noose.

  • Why do those that claim to love their neighbors, so resent their neighbor’s success?

  • When some claim to be losing their minds, it is easy to see why if lost, that they will be very difficult to find again.

  • In a long-life, we will be deceived by many; but the deceiver that is most common and harmful will be ourselves.


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Page 126 of  161

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