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  • Even though today is called the present because it is a gift to us, it is also true that what the present contains is mostly what we put in it.

  • This is the time when credit cards are more often honored than one another.

  • To respond negatively to an insult is to suffer a double indignity.

  • It is easy to delude ourselves about our infallibility when we exercise no power to affect results.

  • Success isnít the product of chance; it is the product of planning. However, before one can execute a long-term plan control must first be made that permits the mind to dominate the body. This is because the body only makes ultra-short-term plans and cares nothing about long-term benefits. If the body rules, success will flee.

  • Successful people have learned how to use rejection as a fuel to power them even further.

  • Let what we discover within ourselves in quiet reflection become what we reveal at other times.

  • The hook that is never cast catches no fish.

  • Impulses are seldom the product of thoughts; however thoughts are often used to explain impulses.

  • For our own comfort, we silently lie to ourselves and eventually believe what was a lie to become our truth. Such is the price of comfort.

  • The yeast in a juice digests its sugar and produces alcohol which eventually kills the yeast, in much the same way that we today relish life while producing our own poisons.

  • Expecting gratitude from a gift or an act makes them attempts at bartering.

  • Patience often produces much more than does force.

  • The person that goes into business to be his own boss has instead gained hundreds.

  • Death is only the last way that we die.

  • The best time to persuade another is before they have declared the opposite.

  • Some of the most foolish things that we dispute about are matters that relate only to taste.

  • The best kind of learning is gained through experience, especially that of others.

  • When you come to a fork in the road, itís alright to take both of them, but preferably not at the same time.

  • True perfectionists will never commit suicide since they will never be able to get their suicide notes just right.

  • There are times when our silence speaks a lie.


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