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  • Listen carefully to the judgments of others, as there is a great tendency to judge others by what they fear to be already within themselves.

  • Every light casts a shadow, since light will always travel until it can travel no more. Our beneficial acts also continue on in others until they can travel no more; but we shouldn’t be discouraged by that as such is the nature of both light and beneficial acts.

  • Even though experience may be the best teacher, all those that gain experience aren’t the best students.

  • Our eyes make tears so that we can see our hearts more clearly.

  • It would be easier to get ahead if we would only spend less time trying to get even.

  • Some people arise each morning as if that day will be just another flogging to endure until sleep returns again at day’s end.

  • The constant dripping of water will wear away stone, but will wear away nerves much faster.

  • In most cases, the greatest wealth that we can ever develop is the wealth that we develop within another.

  • Desperate people tend to fear failure more than death.

  • Many of our pains are only stimuli that have been magnified by our fears.

  • Many of our pleasures are only stimuli that have been magnified by our desires.

  • Each of us will live a certain number of days, but that number is always uncertain.

  • It may be that early to bed and early to rise, will make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise, but only if done freely.

  • “Fair” was created for games, not for life.

  • When their mouths are closed, the idiot and the genius seem mentally equal.

  • Compliments may fill our egos but do nothing for our stomachs.

  • It isn’t getting old that we fear, because that is preferred to not getting older; what we fear are the things that getting older brings with it.

  • Although most will envy those that have achieved happiness, few will be willing to take the road that leads there.

  • Containing hate within us is like containing nitric acid in an aluminum pot in that both will eat away until both destroy its container.

  • One of the best antidotes for another’s depression is ourselves.

  • It is easier to gain compliance through the other’s ears than through one’s own might.

  • Our minds work like sieves where most of what we encounter passes through and is gone forever; however the part that remains becomes ours but often for reasons that we will never understand.

  • Within each of is a child that begs for things and is frightened of other things; it is the adult that we have become that must either rule the child or be ruled in return.

  • When at sea, the North Star is useful for navigation; when living life, the “Desire Star” and the “Fear Star” are both poor navigational aids; this is because much of what we desire we don’t need and is often very harmful, and much of what we need we don’t desire; and much of what we fear poses no danger and much of what poses a danger we don’t fear.


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