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  • Procrastination is the practice of making sure that the future has no shortages of burdens

  • Never make an explanation sound like an excuse.

  • When life tries to grind you down, make sure that it grinds in a way that makes you sharper.

  • Unsuccessful people break laws; successful people just bend them.

  • In life, it is better to be the clapper than the bell although it is the bell that gets the attention.

  • Our failures are too important to blame on bad luck; failures are valuable because they have the ability to teach us more than any book ever could.

  • One should never expect to dabble at anything and be successful except at dabbling.

  • The most certain way to overcome the dread of something is to put it into your past as quickly as possible.

  • If only it were possible to thank those of the past that provided us with the quality of life that we have today and to know whether those of the future will thank or curse us for what we will leave to them.

  • Because the bars that imprison us cannot be seen doesnít mean that they donít confine us as surely as though they were. Chief among these invisible bars are our fears that prevent us from doing and being what we can be. In most cases, these bars were forged by society to cause us to comply with their wishes and against our own nature.

  • The creative individual does more than just follow a different path; that person refuses to follow any path.

  • Without goals our lives diffuse into nothingness.

  • Most of the problems that we try to escape from are those that we carry inside.

  • Even if God created the Universe, there is no reason why we canít also create a small portion of it and experience some of the Devine in so doing.

  • Fate is relentless in seeking out those that are idle.

  • The gift of respect is greater than any material gift.

  • What we become tomorrow is largely caused by what we did yesterday for today.

  • Even though you prepare for the worst and hope for the best, you will still have to deal with what comes as it will probably be neither.

  • Those that have learned self-discipline and perseverance achieve success because they require no praise other than that which originated from within.

  • We can never know that we canít do something; we can only know that we havenít done something, no matter how many times that weíve failed.

  • Almost all of what we do today was at one time regarded as undoable.

  • Having no precise goals in life is like navigating with a broken compass.

  • In a game, it is possible to beat someone because there are limits that determine winners and losers; in life however, when confronted by an opponent that will never admit defeat, winning is improbable.

  • It isnít always best to do your best when your best is based on ignorance.

  • No matter how much we turn our backs on reality, we discover it in another place.

  • The unwise judge while the wise try to understand.

  • To be alive requires that we not just be; rather to be alive requires that we are becoming.

  • In the game of life, it is mankind that makes the rules that determine whether anything is fair or not. Unfortunately, each individual tends to adopt their own rules and then expect others to comply with them.

  • Before anything is done that is irreversible, great thought should precede, such as just before giving an insult.

  • When the train leaves, it is best to not have one foot on it and the other on the ground.

  • Even a clock that doesnít run is more often correct than one that runs slow one minute each day.

  • Those whose attentions are on keeping the status quo are unable to shape their futures.

  • Until we are willing to step out of ourselves we will remain our own jailers.

  • The most expensive wines are almost all water; some of the foulest substances are almost all water; and so it is with our minds; it is impossible to have a mind that has value if most of what is put into it is polluted.

  • Most of the obstacles of life are the oneís that weíve placed before us.

  • The purpose of a speedboat is not to make a wake, but it always does when moving forward; the same is true of mistakes, as long as one is moving forward there will be mistakes, the most serious of which is the choice to stop moving forward at all.

  • Do not always listen to reason for reason often speaks in a voice that we misunderstand.


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