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  • If we become proud of our knowledge it is only because we are ignorant of our ignorance.

  • Most of what we call our thoughts are our emotions all dressed up to present to others.

  • When loving is most intense truth is least so.

  • Those who are most prone to express their beliefs are instead expressing their doubts.

  • Whether one is happy or not is, in most cases, is a problem of semantics in that it mostly depends on what we mean by the word “happy”.

  • As saccharin will substitute for sugar, a lie can be used as a substitute for the truth; and the lie, just like the saccharin, will fail to nourish.

  • One thing that parents often learn is that it would have been better to have been an admirer of children than the owners.

  • To try to always speak the truth is the pinnacle of humanity; in failing to always know what is the truth is human.

  • When we find fault wherever we go, it’s probably because we bring it with us.

  • One thing in the Universe that is immutable is truth; the problem is that we will never know when or if we ever have it.

  • Our minds like our clothing need to be changed in order to keep fresh.

  • Seldom does a stretched truth return to its original state.

  • Reason + emotion = neither reason nor emotion.

  • Conspiracy theories provide an easy refuge for those that fail in life.

  • We shouldn’t be too hasty in destroying all of our delusions because if we succeeded life would surely be barren.

  • One test of whether a person is happy or not is if that person would want to relive last year over and over again.

  • Every generality has imbedded within many exceptions just as probably there are to this one.

  • Although no one welcomes adversity, if we carefully examine our past we will find that adversities have ended up affecting us positively more than negatively.

  • Deep within each of us is cornucopia of great beauty that yeans to be discovered but is kept hidden by the cultural myths of what our culture wants us to believe. Until we get beyond the superficial, we will never have an inkling of the great beauty of what we were, are, and could become.

  • Although money can’t buy friends, it sure makes them a lot easier to rent.

  • Those who want to find the meaning of life will eventually discover that the only meaning in life is what we put into it.

  • It is impossible to see how a housewife can ever be happy while being constantly upset over the smallest things of life, namely dust.

  • We refer to a certain period in our lives as middle age without knowing if is the end of our aging.

  • It is easy to confuse love with desire; generally when we desire something that could be at most a prelude to love; love instead is most often without desire because we already have that which we once desired.

  • Those who are prone to say: “It is written.” are correct but not in the way that they assume; actually, the future is written, however, it is written moment by moment as we live.

  • When we regard something as being impossible, we are more referring to the limits of our imaginations than to the real world.

  • The only thing that is permanent is the delusion that there are things that are permanent.

  • The most important thing about getting ahead is to first have a head in proper working order.

  • There may be some safety in numbers, but it should be remembered that they attract more attention and make a bigger target.

  • When one is unaware of their own ignorance, others will always seem ignorant.


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