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  • Few life-forms are more delicate than a butterfly, yet it fulfills itself by emerging from the safety of its cocoon.

  • We often say that we waste time as though it were ours to waste; in reality we waste only ourselves.

  • Those that don’t appreciate the many blessings of life are like an accountant that can only read the liability columns.

  • Without dreams, life would be barren; with only dreams, life is barren.

  • When a child loses its grasp on a balloon, it slips away to parts unknown; likewise, when we loosen our grip on ourselves, we also slip away to parts unknown.

  • The wisest thing to procrastinate is procrastination.

  • The average individual spends much of life in preparing for the world that is instead of the world that will be.

  • It is positive to feel that you can do anything that another has done. It is often a disaster to believe and act as though that were true.

  • Resting on achievements is the best way to fracture them.

  • When another relates a misfortune, it is wisest to not reveal any of your own.

  • Generally, the most difficult tasks are the ones that we have deferred the most; and they become more difficult the more that we defer.

  • Times have changed to the point that to offer a kindness to a stranger is often to put one’s life at risk.

  • Our fears, when left un-confronted, take nourishment and grow to the point that they confront us.

  • One of the most valuable things we can do for ourselves is to retain the child within us but lose the childishness.

  • Those that know the most are usually those that asked the most questions.

  • Courage takes on many forms; where one might be unafraid to go into war but might shirk from expressing a disagreement with peers; another might be willing to disagree with peers but would shirk from the dangers of war. But, which is the brave and which is the coward?

  • When you discover that everything is coming your way, its time to get out of its way.

  • Happiness flows from our appreciating what we have and unhappiness flows from our focusing on what we don’t have.

  • Those that wait for the best time to do something will find in their waiting that they will often forget what they were waiting for.

  • Useful advice is useless unless first sought.

  • When we worry about what others think of us, we spend more time thinking of them than we do of ourselves.

  • The easy way is most often the deeply worn path that goes downward; it is the difficult way that most often provides the most certain way up.

  • Those that are appreciated the most are those that most appreciate others.

  • It is only the wishful thinking of mankind that assumes that if everyone acted according to their consciences, that the world would be a better place; however there is no evidence to suggest that mankind is invisibly linked through a common conscience.

  • Happy people have learned how to have high expectations of life without having high disappointments when unrealized.

  • Before a person can “be themselves” that person must first know who they are. Generally all a person knows about themselves are their emotions of fear and desire.

  • Ideally, we would only speak the truth; but in life, all we can hope for is to speak what we believe to be true.

  • The future is a canvas; either we paint it or it paints us.

  • The greatest likelihood is that we can only produce small changes in the world about us; however, it is very likely that the world about us will produce many changes in us even if we resist.

  • By keeping our bodies busy, we permit our minds to lie fallow and subjected to the growth of ideas that reason would otherwise have denied entry.


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