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  • In a heated argument, the words will remain hot long after the subject has grown cold.

  • Praise is the sunshine that children need in order to grow and ripen to maturity.

  • If we practiced what we preached, weíd preach a lot less.

  • Need dreams of enough, while greed, dreams of all.

  • Many men complain that their wives donít understand them; and for this they probably should be thankful.

  • A true skeptic doesnít believe even his own words.

  • Pride sings a song that beacons calamity from afar.

  • Although a person may be called a bird-brain, the caller could neither teach a sparrow to fly nor a bluebird to sing.

  • Everyone is worthy of trust; the problem is in finding what they are worth being trusted to do.

  • Each of us writes the chapters in our book of life, which is held between the bookends of birth and death, with our circumstances being only the parchment on which it is written.

  • We should always take into account the very human tendency to believe that the future will be a repetition of what it has just been. At one time, this may have been rational; today this tendency is highly irrational.

  • One of the most difficult things to hold at times, and one of the things, that once released, creates so much trouble and beauty, is the tongue.

  • The most generous people on Earth are those that show boundless generosity with the wealth of others.

  • Anguish isnít divisible and canít be shared with another; however another can console, and in so doing, diminish the anguish without receiving any of it.

  • The best condiment for any food is hunger.

  • When a young woman marries an old man, it isnít far from the truth to say that they deserved one another.

  • The reason that we take offense at what another may say negatively about us, is our doubt as to whether it might be true; after all, we would not take offense if another said that we were a planet.

  • Presumably, all that we are is the product of evolution; but has anyone ever explained why earlobes evolved?

  • Although the sorrow may leave, the tears never return to where they started.

  • When we are gone, we may still live in the memories of those that knew us; but when those that knew us are gone, even their memories of us will be gone. Of what we are, only our words may persist long after us.

  • One may like tea hot and another cold, but neither like tepid.

  • Power almost always plants and waters it own seeds of destruction.

  • Although it may be true that one is never too old to learn, it may be more important that one is never too old to unlearn.

  • Within oneís kidding lies a dagger of truth.

  • Nothing creates trust in another like always doing what one has committed to doing.

  • Nothing destroys trust in another like failing to do what one has committed to doing.


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