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  • Not seeing the forest for the trees happens often; but almost as common is not seeing the trees for the forest.

  • The gap between oneís dreams and oneís circumstances will never be closed by the gap between oneís upper and lower lips.

  • Some are so indecisive that they believe, in deciding to not decide, that they have not decided.

  • Itís strange how many people have second thoughts especially after the times that they had no first thoughts.

  • The knack of being able to ignore the irrelevant and focus on the relevant is one of the most important traits of those that succeed.

  • The gift, given without any expectation of anything in return, is the gift that returns the most.

  • Failures should be expected in life; what would be remarkable would be if we had none.

  • In the games that we play, we can accept losing because time has expired; in the game of life, there is no requirement to accept losing until we have expired.

  • The past is better remembered than repeated.

  • If confronted with something that cannot be changed or avoided, the happiest course is to find a way to like it.

  • Many conversations are really just emotions disguised with words.

  • Confidence is an exhilarating emotion and leads to success when soundly based; without being soundly based, confidence can lead us on to thin ice and disaster.

  • It takes great courage to expose ones dreams to the possible ridicule of others; yet without that exposure the dreams will die and become buried in our pasts.

  • To act kindly out of necessity isnít kindness; rather that is compliance. A kind act is given voluntarily without the expressed expectations of the recipient.

  • Creativity is never discovered in a mob, or even in a small group, until that group shrinks to only one.

  • Curiosity acts like a plough to our grey-matter to plant the seeds of new ideas and permit our intellectual growth.

  • Lack of self-discipline is like a sailboat without an anchor or a steering wheel.

  • It is easiest to accept failure when we know that weíve done our best; the failure that is the most difficult to accept it that which we claim to have done our best but secretly know otherwise.

  • When you concern yourself with how well others are doing you are doing yourself less well.

  • Act as though there is only one thing that can prevent you from doing what you are determined to do, and that thing is death; consider everything else as only a hindrance.

  • The most important thing to teach children is the value of unquenchable curiosity. With that, their education becomes life-long.

  • Most individuals would progress more if they instead of blindly believing authorities would doubt them instead.

  • To consider patiently that with which is disagreed is the sign of a mind wishing to grow and fearing stagnation.

  • As is true for each and every one of us, our ignorance is vast, but only marginally more so than our reluctance to use what we already know.

  • The secret of being constantly motivated is learning to be oneís own judge and therefore take no notice of the judgments of others.

  • If our lives were to be measured on the efficiency of our benefiting others, the certain winner would be when we spend a few moments encouraging others in what they are undertaking.

  • The best example to live up to is the idealized self-image that we have of ourselves.

  • Achieving excellence while fearing the judgments of others is like trying to light a fire under water.

  • One of wisest things that we will ever do is listen to those that have traveled the road ahead.

  • Once we have failed, we have paid the price of that failure; that is the time to receive the reward of failure which is an opportunity to improve future performance through understanding.

  • Lifeís greatest victory is when we have finally conquered ourselves.

  • Perhaps what we call courage is nothing more than the determination to continue onward without regard to personal consequences.

  • The ripples of our life continue long after we have made our choices, whether those choices were to act or not act; in life, there arenít any no-wake zones.

  • Many seem surprised when they see others acting illogically; however logic is a useful tool only when there are very few variables. Within anotherís choices are numerous variables, unknown to another observer; thus it is highly illogical to expect human behavior to appear logical.

  • One goal that we should always have is to never be without a goal to move towards.

  • The feeling of being free will always be illusive until one first gains control over fears and desires; until then, it is they that will be free to enslave their host.


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