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  • Heated words scorch relationships but won’t the warm tea.

  • Nothing corrodes its container faster than does hate.

  • Although words may be sweet, they won’t sustain life.

  • Scarce things tend to be highly valued with the exception of unpleasant truths.

  • We are formed by the mold that we are poured into; to what extent we can, we need to become the formers of our molds.

  • Those that commit libel could still have been telling the truth but lack proof.

  • If sleep has both length and depth, does it therefore have area?

  • Those that judge invite the judgments of others.

  • Self-love comes easiest to those who shun self-examination.

  • If silence were truly golden, then it is easy to see why so many lack wealth.

  • Some grow old and grow certain while others grow old and grow doubtful.

  • The anvil is as strong as its iron; the hammer is as strong as the wood in its handle.

  • The difference between a written record and our memories is that the written record only fades while the memory recalls what wasn’t.

  • The tighter we clasp happiness, the slipperier it gets. The end of our troubles is the end of our lives.

  • Jealousy and envy conspire to make sure that their owners sleep on stones.

  • Faults grow quicker on a diet of denials.

  • Even a flame will cast a shadow when exposed to a much brighter light.

  • It is the short-lived that will defy overwhelming power.

  • It may be that rats at times are smarter than we are; when they desert a sinking ship, they do so when tied up in port rather than on the open sea.

  • The dreams that we left behind have left their footprints in our future.

  • Revenge is like a tennis ball in that once served, is likely to be returned.

  • All start differently but end the same.

  • Life is very much like traveling a highway, in that there are always at least two directions that we can travel, except at its beginning and at its ending.

  • More is always planned for tomorrow than is ever done today.

  • Some egos are so voracious that they will devour any ego that they encounter.

  • We become perfect only when we become perfectly dead.


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Page 130 of  161

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