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  • In planning for the future, one should try and retain as many variables as possible while avoiding as many irreversible acts, as this practice leads towards freedom.

  • Anything that is highly valued is not easily obtained. Were this not true, that thing wouldn't be highly valued because of its commonness. Perseverance is a prerequisite for obtaining anything that is highly valued.

  • One should live their life so that when one's life is poured through the sifter of time that the sifter will not be left empty.

  • Much of our advice to others is like using a cell phone to instruct someone that is lost in a cave without a flashlight, as to what they must do to again see the light.

  • Only the dead can't improve themselves.

  • Rumors like tumors are best excised when discovered.

  • If "temper" is lost, don't try to find it.

  • When one's limited reasoning fails, one can always get personal.

  • Seeking safety above all else is wherein lies the greatest risk. This is like feeling safe in a dense fog because of not seeing any peril. Safety comes in seeing peril and avoiding it instead of the delusion that no peril exists.

  • Politics and religion are topics that are wisely avoided in friendly conversation. The reason why this is so, is that both have attracted followers that choose points of view that most fit their neuroses. As such, reason, the means usually employed in these conversations, is useless since these are emotions operating, not rational thoughts.

  • Holding fast to objectivity is like having a bouncer for irrational thoughts.

  • Pursuit of self-indulgence may work for a short life, but suppose you fail and live to be old?

  • The most important step towards life's goal is to be sure you have the direction right.

  • Gardening creates the temporary delusion of control in a world that is out of control.

  • Most would rather stay with a comfortable method that fails than discomforting risk of failing at a new method that might succeed.

  • Trusting the words of the ancients, merely because they’re ancient, is like preferring to cross bridges, merely because they’re ancient; this works most of the time, but occasionally it’s a calamity.

  • Most of our social problems don’t stem from our not listening to others; we hear and listen to them OK, but we still don’t understand what they’re saying even when we believe we do.

  • Most often, both sides of a story are equally false, so we choose to believe the one that seems most likely.

  • Usually those that intend to save the world, intend to save it for themselves.

  • Many talk of reality as though there were such a thing as relative realities, such as when some reality would exist in some minds while conflicting with the reality existing in the minds of others. Reality is whatever is and no believing or disbelieving can alter it, but often one’s actions can.

  • Contrary to popular opinion, no one has every seen an evil act, or a virtuous one either for that matter, even though we have all seen many acts that our minds have called evil or virtuous. The evil and the virtue are in our minds, not in the acts.

  • Often, if someone tells you that they did their best, and if that is really true, then they spent far too much time doing it.

  • That we abuse power shouldn’t come as any surprise, as we tend to abuse everything, and power being what it is, gives us the power to abuse it even more and for a longer time.

  • One that can lie successfully is never simple of mind.

  • We make accurate observations and then we make faulty conclusions about them; next we treat the conclusions as though they were the observations and all of the truth is lost.

  • The tyrant that we should most fear is the one that lives within us and dictates, not just what we should do, but also what we should think.

  • One is wise to seek wisdom, but it is not wise to believe that it is possessed.

  • One of the marks of wisdom is to be undisturbed by the madness raging all about.

  • The main reason for obesity in America lies right beneath our noses; it is called a mouth.

  • It seems that many seek sanctuary in ignorance because they’ve heard that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  • The best instructions for life are those that are spoken without words.

  • Slowness to anger is slowness to seek self-destruction.

  • Willingness to speak "just off the top of one's head" sometimes means the loss of the whole head.


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