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  • There are times when the differences between selfishness, foolishness, and heroism, are only academic.

  • Were it not for habits, most of our lives would be consumed figuring out what to do next.

  • Though we may never be pardoned for things that we've done, we might still hope for an early parole.

  • Because it is our nature to tend to notice things and not the absence of things, we tend to notice clusters of incidents and ignore the equal number of voids. Probability alone requires both. For instance when we see clusters of leukemia, we look for a cause even though there may be an equal number of voids of leukemia in essentially the same environmental conditions. This proves a fertile ground for lawyers to exploit the ignorance of juries.

  • When we were children, the world seemed to revolve around us. Then when we grew up, we seemed to revolve around everything else.

  • There is a vast difference between the ambition to rise above others, and the ambition to rise above ignorance. The first tends to destroy while the last tends to enrich even while it harmlessly accomplishes the first.

  • True love grows while mere attraction withers.

  • When young, the world was his to save. Once old, he looked to the world to save him.

  • It is our nature to become attracted to anything after the label "prohibited" is attached.

  • The sound barrier that many find unable to break is the sound of their saying "I was wrong".

  • That "Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage", helps explain why we see so few horses today.

  • When one gets past age sixty, life seems to sit more and more heavily on the "fast forward button".

  • Much of our social relationships are like a trip down a movie set of a town made only of facades.

  • Like a giant meat grinder, today spews out the tomorrows as unrecognizable yesterdays.

  • In self-discovery, whether we believe so or not, we always grope in darkness, gathering bits of ourselves but never enough to become completely whole.

  • If each of us marched to our own drumbeat, we wouldnít look like a parade but like downtown Manhattan at lunchtime.

  • It is well that we arenít aware of how many critical variables lie before us that we not only canít control, but we canít influence either, else few would strive and attain their goals.

  • In life, we are never truly lost unless we can no longer find ourselves.

  • Every generation seems to resent cleaning up the preceding generationís messes, yet they will not fail to leave the next generation messes of a new sort.

  • It isnít that doubts and fears are in themselves harmful, what is harmful is when they stop us from going forward in their presence.

  • Those that look to wealth to provide happiness will be disappointed; all wealth can do is provide freedom; all freedom can do is provide either the opportunity to find happiness, or the opportunity to find newer miseries.

  • Inertia exists in other than the physical world. A mind at rest tends to remain at rest, and a mind in motion tends to remain in motion.

  • Equality is a concept that excites mankindís imaginings but realities pay it no heed.

  • The only humans that approach absolute consistency are infants.

  • In real life, there is good news and there is bad news, but no one to ask us which we want first.

  • If we want to live happily ever after, we first need to find out ďafter what?Ē

  • No matter how many gigabytes can be stored on a hard drive, a computer will never be considered wise.

  • As an oasis will attract those that thirst, so does the potential for corruption, that is found within power, will also attract the corruptible.

  • No matter how hard we may try, we can never be entirely normal because normal changes by the second.

  • Life should be more than just long; life should also be wide and deep.

  • A president once said that repetition will not transform a lie into a truth; this is true, however repetition will cause most to believe that a lie is a truth.

  • It is incorrect to say that history repeats itself; what is true is that we repeat history and that we have the means of choosing whether to repeat it or not. History doesnít happen to us; we happen to history.

  • When a culture is constantly kept in a state of deprivation, those within that culture will seek to satisfy only their own needs; it is easy therefore to understand why some cultures have contributed so little to the rest of us. Our contributions may have more to do with our abundance than with our nature.


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