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  • Some beliefs are like predators, always lurking in the dark just waiting for reason to trespass on its domain.

  • New beliefs are readily accepted in direct proportion to how they reinforce old beliefs.

  • The general public can be looked at as a loosely organized mob seeking satisfactions for all. In this process, it is likely that none will be satisfied and all will be frustrated.

  • It is the nature of mankind to have doubts about any of their values that are not verifiable (none are verifiable). For this reason, we are drawn to groups of those that reinforce the same delusions that we have, such as at sporting events, churches, rituals, parades, musical productions, etc.

  • Our choices can be divided into two groups. Those which clearly show our self-interests and those that obfuscates our self-interests.

  • Superstitions always rush in to fill the vacuums created by the absences of knowledge.

  • Security exists in direct proportion to one’s desertion of life; a process that can continue onward until becoming 100% secure.

  • If a theory is to be accepted as true, it must be tested at its extremities as well as in its middle.

  • Death can be like traveling to the end of a dead-end road and no longer having the strength and will to build a new road.

  • One of our most difficult tasks is to eliminate those beliefs that cause us conflict. Nothing brings more harmony to life than no longer being at war within.

  • Understandings would spread like contagious diseases were it not for the widespread certainties that are intended to prevent its spread.

  • One product of determinism is free-will.

  • There will be times when the future seems dark and happiness never coming; but the dawn of hope will always return merely by being patient.

  • The difference between learning and thinking is like the difference between buying nails and hammering them.

  • Few things diminish the value of wealth more, than having it in great surplus.


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Page 14 of  131

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