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  • Liberals generally believe that the downtrodden will never improve their lives unless they are bribed.

  • Few things could cause more resentment and division between races than for the government to sanction one group's benefiting because of events that may have happened to their ancestors by some of another group's ancestors. Now, one group is to be benefited, that wasn't harmed by the other group, by handicapping the other group that never harmed them. "Affirmative Action" affirms that strife between races will intensify.

  • The biggest challenge to the political conservative is how to open the doors of opportunity to liberals without feeling threatened by the newcomers.

  • The biggest challenge to the political liberal is how to open the doors of opportunity without being threatened by those that might become conservatives.

  • Religion has a way of stealing itself into laws by requiring conformity to community standards. Zealots are never satisfied with their own compliance to their own beliefs, but demand all others comply also.

  • The primary virtue of a democracy is that it is constantly evolving and correcting mistakes of the past, wherein other forms of government do their best to preserve the pastís mistakes and claim them as virtues.

  • Those that claim that they know whatís best for you are taking the first step in their choosing what is best for you. This is so, not only on a person-to-person level, but also on an institution-to-person level.

  • Moral cowardice in leaders lays the foundation for the moral decay of any society.

  • Gresham's Law says "Bad money drives out good money". He could have also said "Bad politics drives our good politics."

  • It should be the role of government to limit freedom only to the instances when oneís acts starts infringing on the freedom of others.

  • The best way to turn the direction of a people is to turn their ears.

  • Like a Trojan Horse, many laws contain an army of interpretations that later will be turned loose to conquer the freedoms of those that desired the laws.

  • Those that dream of being totally free of governmental constraints, unknowingly dream of the tyranny of anarchy.


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