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  • Never display piety while God is watching.

  • Why is it that “God’s Will” is attributed to the acts that we approve, but “man’s will” is attributed to the acts that we detest?

  • One of the curses of mankind is in not knowing what is worth worrying over, and what isn’t. Nothing can be gained by worrying about whether there is life after death, even though there just might be reason to worry about one’s future residence if there is.

  • The famine of the soul can never be quenched by possessions, though that is the main intent of materialism.

  • Many pray for good in the world; few work to produce it.

  • Determinism must take into account the enormous implications of the assumption of Free Will. Once this assumption becomes a delusion, Free Will functions as though it was there at the creation of man.

  • Some egos are so strong that some would choose to be kings in Hell rather than servants in Heaven.

  • For someone to say that he has nothing but trust in God, proclaims no more than one who says that he has nothing but money in his bank account.

  • The existence of God is at least as logical as is the existence of a platypus.

  • Thoughts should be the building blocks of our beliefs. To what extent the building blocks are our fears, desires, mysticisms and dogmas, to that extent the beliefs are subject to great failures.

  • One should rejoice that God is so secure that he gave mankind the ability to reason and ask “Is there a God?”

  • We should not forget to pray that we don’t fall victim to those of good intentions.

  • Rituals perform the important function of convincing us that we are not alone in our delusions.

  • Perhaps our individual existence is only a bit of nothingness that deludes itself into believing that it is “somethingness” before devolving back into nothingness.

  • When we find ourselves unable to teach understandings of what should be done, then that’s when it’s time we teach shame and guilt.


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Page 14 of  67

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