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  • If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then so must also be ugliness; the value of knowing this is that we can do something about the eye, and can seldom do anything about the ugliness, and therefore we can turn all of the world into beauty.

  • Life is like climbing a staircase in total darkness; we never know where the stairs will lead until we arrive, and we also donít know where the stairs end; yet we must climb and cannot go back.

  • Many gifts come with part of the giverís hand permanently attached

  • Wisdom cannot be taught; and for many, it cannot be learned.

  • The older the heart, the greater the likelihood that love is desperation in disguise.

  • Most often, enthusiasm comes from a desire to know, while zeal most often comes from a belief that there is no need to know because one is already certain.

  • We see the present with our eyes open, but the past with our eyes closed.

  • The more grudges we carry, the more we become beasts of burden.

  • When a marriage dies, no coroner is learned enough to diagnose the cause of death.

  • The irrational behavior of a group increases roughly in proportion to the square of its increase.

  • Many think of their lives as being like jigsaw puzzles, where the right pieces need to be found, in order to make everything complete; however this is seldom satisfying, since the pieces were made by others to fit their lives; life should be like a painting where we apply the paint to express what we are or want to be. It may be that when we are done, no one else will appreciate our paintings, but thatís alright, since it was painted for ourselves, and not for others. It is only important that we like it.

  • Those, who wonder if theyíre happy, arenít; those, who are unhappy, never wonder if they are.

  • Strong leadership invariably invites strong opposition. .

  • Even though love may be blind, its hearing is excellent.

  • Who can explain why we remember so much of what never was yet forget so much of what really was?

  • The miserable are only made more miserable by the company of those that are happy.

  • The nature of love changes as years go by; those that expect otherwise are certain to not recognize the new love that grows during those years, always judging the present as though the past were a touchstone.

  • Life is a game that is played, which at its ending, the rules are revealed and the winners remain unknown.

  • It is common for those that have lived the most exemplarily lives to judge themselves most harshly, while those that have lived most carelessly regarding others, judge themselves not at all.

  • The difference between being impetuous and decisive lies primarily in their frequencies. An impetuous person makes frequent and fast decisions about small things; while a decisive person makes infrequent but quick decisions about major things.

  • The ideal compromise of life would be to have the mind when sixty and the body when sixteen; the worst would be to have the mind when sixteen and the body when sixty.

  • The past is a blank canvas that we paint as we like in proportion to how few there are about us that shared that past.

  • To covet that which can never be had is to create a void within that will not leave.

  • We tend to more fear those that we continue to harm, and tend to more love those that we continue to benefit.

  • Faults like mushrooms grow best when concealed by darkness


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 131 of  161

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