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  • Those that tend to succeed surrender to no other enemy than time.

  • Hating is the way that we avoid admitting our fears.

  • It is easy to despair when everything looks dark; however, unknown to many is that even rainbows appear at night, but only to those that look for them.

  • Perhaps the best way to motivate others is to cast a beam ahead to where they already want to go but didnĎt know where it was or how to get there.

  • Flattery is pleasing when entering the ear but toxic if swallowed.

  • Your opinions will cease to count if you always agree with the opinions of others.

  • Happiness isnít something that you can send out for; rather it is something you have to send in for.

  • Basic truths are often called naked truths so that we will rush to cover them before they are noticed.

  • When we stop to think, what do we do when we start again?

  • Perhaps the best way to test the hearing of another is to whisper a word of praise.

  • That optimism invites action while pessimism invites inaction should be reason enough to chose the former.

  • Although we are often harmed by the lies that are told to us, the greatest harm of all is caused by the lies that we tell ourselves.

  • Donít dislike opposition, as no one ever got stronger by pushing on a twig.

  • The biggest negative about planning for the long-term is that we may not be long-term.

  • The blueprints of our past provide a poor plan for our future.

  • Life is like riding a bicycle in that the easiest thing is to coast downhill; that will take us to the bottom every time and leave us there,

  • Happiness is more likely to find us than we to find it by our searching.

  • There really is no reason to ever forgive another; all we need do is not accuse in the first place.

  • Blessed is the person that finds something so captivating that it consumes him for the rest of his life.

  • If we had more understandings of ourselves we would recognize that the things that we dislike in others started out by first being disliked within us.

  • We should never forget our mistakes but we should never dwell on them.

  • Those that wish to forget all of the useless information that theyíve learned should first wish to know the future.

  • Few things raise our esteem in the eyes of others more than our willingness to admit our mistakes when we make them.

  • Every situation presents an opportunity, an opportunity to gain or to lose. It is the prepared that will achieve more of the former and less of the latter.

  • One of the most difficult things to tell your child is: ďI donít know.Ē

  • Those that we call creative are those that have developed the ability to discover the uniqueness that exists within each of us.

  • Those who try to fell a tree by a chop here and a chop there will find that the tree will be standing after the chopper isnít; it will be the person that chops over and over near the same place that will fell the tree.

  • It is useless to try and teach something new to a person who knows it all.

  • Becoming wise has less to do with gaining that which is true and more to do with getting rid of that which is untrue.

  • A journey of a thousand miles doesnít begin with the first step; it begins with the decision to take the first step.

  • Words of affection, as well as the physical expressions of love, are poor representations for what exists within the heart.

  • Who says that you have to choose anything when given a choice between two evils?

  • Itís difficult to become overly concerned about oneís apathy.

  • One thing worth putting off till tomorrow is procrastination.

  • With a magnifying lens and patience we can focus the sunís rays and to burn a hole; similarly, with patience and focusing our attentions on a problem, the problem will eventually cease to be.

  • The obsessive pursuit of perfection means that some things will be done well but most things wonít be done at all.


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