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  • Things that we fear in the future, as well as the things that we desire, are all magnified in their significance by the lens of time.

  • Madison Avenue has discovered that it is just as easy to create desires in the public as it is to create the objects that are desired.

  • Talent is one thing that we are proud of having, even though we did nothing to acquire it.

  • Mankindís horizons are not limited by what we can see but by what we are able to imagine.

  • The greatest enemy of a woman is not her age, but her mirror.

  • We all know how a sharp tongue can harm another; however the owner of that tongue cannot escape the harm, it delivers daily to its owner.

  • To many, the beginning and ending of their thinking, is in attaching a name to what is under consideration.

  • The more general the feeling of love, the less related it is to loving.

  • Some seem as attracted to the truth as they would be to a minefield.

  • Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but abstinence makes the heart grow desperate.

  • The main reason to resist temptations isnít because they are necessarily harmful, but because they tend to be enslaving.

  • The only thoughts that are capable of moving mankind ahead are those thoughts that are different than those of the many.

  • Time tends to fly, except when it chooses to sit while we are miserable.

  • Life turns out to be, not a true or false test, or even a multiple choice test; rather life is most of all a test of our persistence and endurance.

  • The teeth wear ever duller with use, while the tongue wears ever sharper.

  • Easy victories carry the seeds of defeat.

  • What we call intuition may only be the unconscious reception of stimuli that is processed without our awareness before becoming a conclusion that is unsupportable by clear evidence.

  • We can understand what another will accept as understanding without ever understanding that person.

  • Each of us is like the ball in a pinball machine, where no matter how much it is diverted from its path, always arrives at its destination in the hole at the bottom.

  • A taste of vice, no harm; a bellyful, a poison.

  • The innocence or guilt of the lamb means nothing to the wolf.

  • Wonder is a type of aesthetic characterized by a deep appreciation for all of that which is known, unknown, and unknowable.

  • The happiest marriages are not based on giving and taking, and certainly not on giving or taking, but are based upon sharing two lives.

  • Perhaps a word to the wise would be sufficient; but to the unwise, a whole book may be insufficient.

  • The love of a man and the love of a woman may be quite different, but when they join they blend as silver melts into gold and gold melts into silver to become one.

  • Much of what we do and believe is a product of instinct; but it is not raw instinct, but instinct that has been forged and molded on the anvil of life.

  • Life is not like a buffet where we can pick only what we want; it also doesnít come with a menu; what is served to us is what the restaurant determines, with our only choices being able to eat, not eat, or leave. Whatever is chosen, the bill is always the same.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 132 of  161

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