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  • When the path ahead gets dark, itís best to remember that most seeds develop in total darkness.

  • If we pay too much attention to the present, the future often loses interest in us.

  • The most important questions are those that stir the still waters.

  • The winners in life are those that refuse to play the games of life.

  • Two lose when an argument is won.

  • Those that try to change the world need to be satisfied with changing just a small part at a time; even the mighty Sun can light up only half of the world at one time.

  • Many of our problems appear too large to overcome; yet, we might also assume the same thing about a pizza simply because we canít swallow it in one bite.

  • With many and perhaps with most, the most certain way to gain acceptance is to pretend that the others are on stage and you are the audience.

  • We sometimes say that we wasted time as though time were ours to waste; instead it is really time that possesses us; and in case you havenít noticed, time wastes us.

  • Instead of worrying whether a glass is half full or half empty, more and more we should start worrying about whatís in the glass.

  • It has often been said that numbers donít lie, and that is true since numbers donít do anything; however, what is most often overlooked by those that like this kind bumper sticker wisdom is that often the numbers themselves are lies, and if not lies are presented in such a way that we will predictably derive untruths from them.

  • The fear of failure has cost mankind far more than all of its failures combined.

  • Whenever we try something new and fail, it is best to remember that we also failed in taking our first steps.

  • Unfortunately each life occasionally casts a shadow on others; but the only way to avoid this is to dwell in total darkness.

  • It is doubtful if we have the power to dream of the most that we can be; however, we do have the power to dream of more than we are.

  • If you are not yourself, then you must be nobody.

  • We shouldnít criticize what we donít understand; we understand almost nothing.

  • Reading is often posed as the exploration of the minds of others, which is one way to avoid exploring their own minds, an exploration that has usually been all too superficial.

  • Those who believe that success is only getting the acclaim of others will never know the sense of the greatest success, which is to have lived life doing ones best whether recognized by others or not.

  • Once we accept our nothingness we can then start discovering why we are not quite nothing.

  • Those that defend their obvious mistakes lose the respect of others, not because of the mistakes but because of their weakness in not admitting error.

  • Those that seek the approval of others will never be free and always a slave to their whims.

  • People donít want to be free as much as they want a confinement greater than what they already have.

  • Unrelenting striving against any opponent will usually win because few opponents have the resolve to long continue against such an adversary.

  • If one only follows the well beaten path, they will end up like almost everyone else.

  • Strange as it seems, most people fear less the risking of their lives than they do the risk of incurring scorn of the many.

  • The questions that cannot be answered pose more benefits than finding the answers to most questions.


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