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  • If revenge is sweet, why does it create so much bitterness?

  • All Americans reject tyranny from any source, that is except one, the tyranny that dwells within us, telling us that we canít do what we can do; telling us what we should do even when it is irrational; telling us that we must conform in order to succeed; telling us that our differences should be disguised as similarities, and telling us that our individuality is a vice that should be suppressed.

  • We often find that the loudest heads, like the loudest drums, contain the most air.

  • The injurer seldom remembers; the injured seldom forgets.

  • Some wives in their homes are like queen bees in their hives, in that neither is willing to share their thrones with a king.

  • With many, thinking and speaking are like two ends of a teeter-totter; when one goes up, the other goes down.

  • Each life is a boat without power in a river where we can only steer to avoid shoals and embankments until our river becomes the ocean.

  • The lion and the sheep may lie down together, but only if the lion is willing to wait until hungry again.

  • The most difficult thing for the dying to give up is not their last breath, but their last hope.

  • Those that are older call the wind colder.

  • Time enters a cocoon and emerges as memory; memory enters a cocoon and emerges however we prefer.

  • Deep love is like that star, that rises in the morning that we call the Sun, that causes all others stars to disappear.

  • Many tend to run out of reasons faster than running out of fists.

  • The wealthy worry about losing their assets; the poor worry about losing their asses.

  • A rotting apple is seldom thought of as to what it really is, - the potential mother of a new orchard.

  • Many things that are the tallest are not the highest.

  • A seed must sprout wherever it is planted, just as we did; the main difference between us and a seed is that we can determine where our seeds will be planted.

  • New knives are being sharpened while old knives grow rusty.

  • Every flock contains one black sheep though they all be white.

  • What we regard as original thoughts have the happy consequence of having children that then have children, and so on.

  • Those that hunger listen to their bellies regardless of the wisdom being told to them.

  • The tongues of some are as the fangs of vipers.

  • No matter how cold, no one jumps into a fire for warmth.

  • We should hope to change so much by maturing, that when we look back on our distant pasts, that those memories would seem like the memories of another life.

  • Those that are happy to be who they are, should be thankful for all of those things, both happy and sad, that molded them into being who they are today.

  • When tooting your horn, it will be called noise and invite everyone else to leave your horn alone.

  • The duller the teeth, the louder the bark.

  • We are seldom more vulnerable than when our attention is locked onto the prey

  • Our deep inner needs can only be filled with that that is discovered within, and frustrated by supplying that which is without.

  • When the tongue slips, a truth flees the lips.

  • Those, that are discomforted by their ignorance, will accept any falsehood if presented as truth.

  • Even those with perfect eyesight will never be able to see their futures except second by second.

  • If oneís words are to be valued, they should not be many.

  • Almost all of those, now long forgotten, once believed that they would not be forgotten.

  • Tears are a kind of rain that causes the seeds of hope to sprout.

  • You can put a round peg in a square hole, but you will never make it fit.


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