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  • Perseverance means that one never feels defeated by the task but by the time allotted.

  • It is surprising how few times, when one acts boldly, that anyone objects.

  • To overlook the blessings of each day is like receiving Christmas presents but never opening them.

  • The poorest among us are those that no longer appreciate the small things in life.

  • We should no more be injured by the judgments of others than we are by their shadows.

  • Expecting wisdom from youth is like expecting apples from saplings.

  • A life filled with ethical compromises gets us along with others but seldom gets us very far along in life.

  • If we say something that is true, which we know will lead to false conclusions, we have lied truthfully.

  • The best way to not lose your appetite is to take it away with you at the end of meal.

  • It is better to have tried and failed than it is to have failed to try.

  • The greatest test of our inner strength comes when we are forced bear life’s heaviest burdens; then and only then do we discover our strengths and our weaknesses.

  • To know the beliefs of others, keep your eyes on their hands and feet and ignore their mouths.

  • Although they may seem the same, the difference between impulsiveness and decisiveness is the difference between emotion and thought.

  • A wasted life is composed of wasted hours that are composed of wasted minutes that are composed of wasted seconds.

  • Using the compass that the world presents to us leads us to where others have chosen; to arrive at another place, we need to discover the compass that is hidden within and let it lead us to where it may.

  • Although it may not seem so at the time, the most predictable way to get others to think ill of us is to speak ill of others.

  • It is most constructive when we can view ourselves as a work in progress and not the final product.

  • To become free, the first thing to do is throw off the shackles of those things that are regarded as indisputably true.

  • If someone that has a personal secret feels the need to tell another, there is little likelihood that only those two will eventually know that secret. This is because the first person would have had the greatest motivation to keep the secret yet was still motivated to tell another. That other person would have even less motivation to not tell another than the first. With each telling, the motivation decreases until no motivation to retain a confidence exists.

  • One of the most frequent causes of our failures is that we believed the lies that we told ourselves.

  • After a failure, it is best to recall that we probably also failed when taking our first step.

  • A short temper means an even shorter employment.

  • The first step in seeking truth is to doubt all authorities, even the voice within that commands acceptance.

  • When we say that we understand, we should identify which of the four types of understanding that we mean, such as: 1) where we share the same emotion. 2) where we put something in a class that we accept as a generality 3) where we identify a cause-effect relationship, and 4) where a mathematical equation must be used.

  • All of us should be glad for the extreme diversity of individuals for without that diversity we would have great difficulty in feeling superior to those who are different.

  • We are what we are but we will become what we believe.


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