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  • Happiness is that flower garden that you tend within yourself.

  • Before we can discover who we really are, we must first remove the masks of fear and desire.

  • A young man may win a young girl’s heart, but an old man has to be the highest bidder.

  • It seems to be our nature to not welcome contrary or contradictory opinions, any more than the earth welcomes the plow in the Spring.

  • The greatest enemy of creativity is not the lack of talent but the presence of the fear of being criticized.

  • In loving, one plus one equals two. Two plus time equals one. One minus one equals one-half.

  • Desire is nature’s way of rushing blood from one’s cerebral cortex to where it is more urgently needed.

  • The main source of philosophy for most is found on the rear bumper in front of them while in a traffic jam.

  • Falling in love is a form of madness whose only cure is time.

  • Getting old always takes its toll even if you don’t have the right change.

  • If insanity runs in your family, don’t try to keep pace with it.

  • Hate, if unrestrained, tends to spread like a forest fire until the capacity to love becomes ashes.

  • Most fears are like mushrooms that grow only in darkness; with fears, it is the darkness of ignorance that produces fears that can only then be displaced by the rays of illuminating knowledge.

  • One of the most certain ways for a person to become unhappy is to dwell on the question-“”Am I happy?”

  • Although love is blind, those in love seem to have found a cure for blindness, -marriage.

  • One’s biological-clock can’t be changed by changing its hands and face.

  • Curiosity is to the quality of life, as the Sun is to the Earth’s ability to support life.

  • True friendship exists when there are periods of silence without either feeling the need to speak.

  • When all hope is lost, it cannot be found by others, but it might be found by you.

  • Those that seek to find themselves, must first recognize that they are lost..

  • The fear of being thought stupid by being wrong, has prevented many from ever being thought brilliant by being right.

  • The next time humans get created, we need to be given a recycle bin for recovering deleted data and images.

  • Those that boast of their wisdom are the ones that must boast for it to be recognized. .

  • To believe that we deserve something, or to even feel that we don’t, relates to a mysterious kind of accounting that is known only to an accountant that is yet to be found.

  • People can be divided, but far from equally, into those that will respond primarily to their fears and desires, and those that will pursue their plans, regardless of their fears or desires.

  • It is strange how difficult it is to put desire into another while it is so easy to insert hate.

  • Time is infinite; the problem in wasting time isn’t that the future is lacking for it; the problem is that we are.

  • In most instances, our failure to achieve our goals is not blocked by what is outside of us but by the lack of resolve that is within us.

  • What we lack in farsightedness is usually more than made up for in our shortsightedness.

  • One advantage that we have over plants is that we are able to make our own sunshine.

  • In the most complete analysis, we are all the product of determinism; but once circumstances have caused us to accept the concept of “Free Will” the game of life is played like a card game where jokers are wild and all of the cards are jokers.

  • We are not so much defeated by the strength of our opponents, or by our own weaknesses, but by our lack of our resolve.

  • Often our hunger for compliments results in our hoarding our own compliments as though giving any to others would deplete our meager few,

  • The idea of being superior is a product of selective comparisons; even other animals, down to insects, are superior to every human in some way; as are also other individuals superior to others in some way.

  • Our tendency to be unhappy and dissatisfied with what we have should be tempered by just remembering that in much of the world, happiness would be found in just having clean running water in one’s home even if there were no hot water.


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