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  • Self-denial doesn’t necessarily make you live longer but it necessarily makes it seem so.

  • If we saw all of the obstacles in advance of seeking success, we probably would not succeed; therefore success is due in part to our ignorance.

  • The person that follows the crowd will never see where the crowd in going until too late.

  • The door to success is often named “impossible”.

  • Those that look back without regret in how well that they’ve done anything, are winners whether or not they receive the acclaim of the many.

  • Those that tend to argue the most tend to understand the least.

  • It’s nonsense to believe that merely working hard will bring economic success; what will do that is working hard and well at something that holds the probability of economic success.

  • If a belief has to be supported by referring to an authority, the belief should be pushed over.

  • Some of our deepest feelings aren’t expressed thorough words but through silence.

  • In order to soar we must first cast off the ballast of doctrines.

  • One of the unrecognized benefits of writing is that if one writes so that another can understand what was intended, one’s own thoughts must rise above hunches and inclinations into expressions that are objective and not obscure or ambiguous. In so doing, one’s own thoughts become much clearer than before and thus enable our dealing with problems with a higher probability of success.

  • Suicide is the most efficient way to kill time.

  • It is safest, if one is to think, to keep the thoughts a secret, at least for a while.

  • If you want to be remembered, just compliment a stranger on something of theirs.

  • Error is often formed by assuming to know the answer before it is determined.

  • Anger is when we open the internal doors to our personal barbarians.

  • We should regard criticisms as perhaps free education about ourselves.

  • The most frequent bribery of all is when we promise children something in order to get them to stop acting like children.

  • We need to remain mindful of the trajectories of our pasts because they will largely determine the trajectories of our futures.

  • We lie when we remain silent when recognizing an untruth.

  • Our fears almost always originate in our minds and if ignored seldom do things of consequence follow.

  • Many things are easy for the patient person but nearly impossible for the impatient.

  • One thing that distinguishes mankind from all others within the Animal Kingdom is that it contains those that are willing to undergo pain and suffering for the sole purpose of inflicting the same on others.

  • The easiest way to get others to believe you is to tell them what they want to hear; truth is entirely irrelevant.

  • Choosing to do what one fears least can be perceived as an act of courage to another that is unaware of a greater fear.

  • Variety is supposed to be the spice of life; however everyone knows that it is all to easy to put in so much spice that something becomes inedible.

  • If love were truly blind, then why do we put so much emphasis on the looks of the other?

  • Try to understand everything; expect to understand nothing.

  • Nothing tends to bind people together as much as their sharing of common fears.

  • To be sure, we can learn a lot by just keeping our eyes open; however we can learn a lot more by also keeping our minds open.

  • Acting before complete understanding often results in error; acting after compete understanding usually results in no acts.


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