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  • Within each of us a ďgood-cop bad-copĒ kind of force at work; sometimes the good-cop is doing the grilling and at other times, itís the bad-cop; and if they donít get what theyíre after during the day, they work us over again in our dreams.

  • He whose heart is filled with anger has suffered the most dreadful kind of heart attack.

  • The only way that we can avoid casting a shadow is to become the source of light.

  • Having talent is like owning fertile ground; it still has to be plowed, planted, and weeded, before there can be a harvest.

  • Gaining wisdom is like climbing a pyramid; the further we climb the less that there is to be certain of ahead, until there is finally nothing.

  • Although others will hear you when you shout, they will listen carefully if you whisper.

  • Puberty is like the pupa stage in the development of an insect in that what enters that stage very often is very different than what emerges.

  • The main obstacle to knowing ourselves is that we havenít been properly introduced.

  • What you are today is the result of all of your lifeís preparation. It is relevant to ask yourself: Am I worth it?

  • Love really isnít blind; it is actually quite keen in that it can see the smallest of things as though they were large.

  • When young, lifeís path seemed straight and wide; when old we recognize that it was really a maze that few navigated successfully.

  • Each door that knowledge opens, opens into a corridor of many other doors,

  • It is interesting that humans find it easier to build their beliefs on the mythologies of the past than on the verifiable facts of the present; it is as though they believe that a swamp would provide a firmer foundation than would a granite base.

  • Few things reveal the smallness of character as when trying to impress others with what little one has.

  • Fears arenít irrational; rather we are irrational about what we fear.

  • When confronting two vices, many will choose the lesser one only so that they can save the best one for last.

  • It is better to be a true companion to oneself than a false companion to the many.

  • The time will probably come when that day, which we regard as wasted today, would have become invaluable at lifeís end.

  • That which we flee from, that canít harm us, tells us more about what we are than anything that we could say.

  • Truth never flees from us; rather it is we that flee from it when it disagrees with what we prefer.

  • We could see more clearly if only we stopped getting our own way.

  • In some ways, words are more dangerous than guns; guns have the ability to wound, and then you heal; guns have the ability to kill, and then you suffer no more; words though , have the ability to wound and cause pain and anguish throughout the rest of your life.

  • No one can realize who they are, and what they might become, while struggling beneath an overburden of fear.

  • The closed mind is similar to Dracula in that both have a mortal fear of letting any light to enter.

  • It is easy to change how the world about us appears; all that need be done is change what is within us.

  • Each life is like a ship on an uncharted and vast ocean; where each day reveals something that may cause us to alter our course from the course on which we started; and which, if we remain flexible to change, will take us to a destination that may be much better than we anticipated at the beginning.

  • It is wise to trust in ourselves, but, only if we first know who we are; otherwise, it is wise to be skeptical of ourselves.

  • The personal dislikes that we have of another, reveals more about our fears, than it does about the negative traits of that person.

  • If you remain a conformist, youíll end up being like everyone else. Is that a surprise?

  • A festering insecurity produces arrogance as surely as strangerís presence will produce a watchdogís barking.

  • Donít be angry just because another may think that he is better than you; after all what goes on inside of his head is his concern; what you allow to go on inside of your head is your concern.

  • It is wise to trust in ourselves, but, only if we first know who we are; otherwise, it is wise to be skeptical of ourselves.

  • One of the secrets of a happy and successful life is to discover what kind of thing that you most like to do, and then find a way to make money doing it.

  • If one retains the curiosity of youth, combines that with the knowledge resulting from that curiosity, one has, if later acquiring the wisdom of many years, a fair imitation of genius.

  • Often it is easier to find our way if we first close our eyes.

  • Courage isnít found merely by acting, with disregard to danger, if that is the expectation of a culture; rather courage is discovered when one acts in accordance to oneís deepest beliefs, when that act is in opposition to the norms of a culture.


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Page 135 of  161

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