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  • Most people would be much happier if they were curious about everything but only concerned themselves with the things that they can do something about. It is a waste of life to dwell on those things which one cannot change.

  • When we find fault wherever we go, it’s probably because we bring it with us.

  • Live as if you were a candle, lit to show the way for those who will follow.

  • When we repeatedly tell some one something, which we know that they already know, we are no long informing; rather we only disguising our nagging.

  • Words cost nothing to utter but can be very expensive to heed.

  • Before choosing a career path, try to discover what you would like to do even if you were never paid and then try to find a career that most resembles what you found.

  • As saccharin will substitute for sugar, a lie can be used as a substitute for the truth; and the lie, just like the saccharin, will fail to nourish.

  • The most injured victim of a lie is trust.

  • Trust is something that should be earned; those that give it free of charge will fall victim to those that will then give them reason for distrust.

  • If people always thought before they talked, sign language would become universal.

  • Why is it that we claim that we can see some mistakes coming but never see them going?

  • Towering obstacles ahead of us should be viewed as tall steppingstones.

  • Our minds like our clothing needs to be changed in order to keep fresh.

  • Denying responsibility for one’s acts is like claiming a boat's course as being caused by another’s rudder.

  • It is impossible to see how a housewife can ever be happy while being constantly upset over the smallest things of life, namely dust.

  • It is difficult for character to develop unless one keeps desires and fears locked in their cages.

  • Maximizing our appreciation of life entails appreciating all of the small things that we tend to take for granted.

  • Malcontents tend to regard the contented as fools.

  • One facet of happiness is found in going from being to becoming.

  • Dreams are only dreams until they become roadmaps for us to follow.

  • It is far more preferable to be a “has been” than a “never was”.

  • “Will” is the ability to forge ourselves into what we’ve chosen to be.

  • Those who don’t create their own goals will soon be helping others to achieve theirs.

  • If we become proud of our knowledge it is only because we are ignorant of our ignorance.

  • When a question is asked, when the answer is already known it is obvious that the question’s intent wasn’t to get information about that question; rather the probable intent was to affect the other in some way or demonstrate one’s knowledge as being more than the other person.

  • From the moment that we make our first choice, life becomes an experiment in how to gain the things that we value and avoid the things that we dread.

  • When running a distance race, it is found that after one becomes fatigued that one develops a second-wind where it seems as if suddenly there is more energy than just a minute ago. Life also is a distance run where it is easy to become fatigued and desire to quit; however, just like in running if one persists a new source of energy is discovered to press on.


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