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  • Grief is the toll that we all must pay when the road of life is long.

  • There are critical moments in life when our choices determine much of what our future will be; but it is the habits that we acquire that will largely determine what we will become

  • It is said that the more choices that we have, the freer we are; that may be true, but that doesnít necessarily mean that we are happier; that is because the more choices that we have, comes the greater perverse tendency to chose things that tend towards our own self-destruction.

  • Never worry about the young person that seems to have an unquenchable curiosity, as that individualís education will continue to grow throughout life; it is the individual that has little or no curiosity that will have difficulty in life, as their intellectual growth will be weak and stunted.

  • Humility can open our eyes that were closed by pride.

  • The more sunshine that we bring to those about us, the brighter will be our own day.

  • Fear is like a power surge to a computer; it shorts out our reason, and opens the gate to a swarm of irrationalities.

  • The first task in personal development is to learn to be a friend to yourself.

  • The present is like a giant meat grinder that takes our past, grinds it, and out comes our future.

  • Those that aim too high in life will often end up claiming that it was the fault of the targets.

  • In every success and in every failure, there is an abundance of randomness; unfortunately almost every failure recognizes this and almost every success denies it.

  • If there were a hundred pound stone, one would accomplish little by applying one pound of lifting for one hundred seconds, but would lift it by applying one-hundred pounds of lifting for one second; and so it is with most of life; much can be accomplished by focusing and very little by diffusing oneís efforts.

  • To seek happiness directly is like expecting the wake of a boat to be found in front.

  • Why is it that most people would take offence in being said to be just like everyone else, when most of their day seems to be devoted to that very end?

  • Joy is like an echo in that the closer the recipient is to its provider, the faster its return until finally it seems instantaneous with the act.

  • Even if we were certain that life had no purpose, it would still be wise to assume that it does, for without believing that life has a purpose, we would be like a rudderless ship in a vast and nameless sea.

  • Those that would judge a long-lasting love by whether it persists, just as it did during courtship, are like those that would judge an eight-course meal by its first course.

  • The fuel that one needs to go far, isnít so much brain-power as it is persistence-power.

  • There is no such thing as discontented happiness; yet the way we tend to be today, is to seek happiness through things, many of which we want, and are beyond our means, and therefore our wanting becomes a source of our unhappiness.

  • Any darkness that may still lie within us can only be removed by our becoming a source of light; that light will never come from without.

  • Our thoughts are the building blocks of what we are and will become; when the mortar of character is added between them, we become whole.

  • Ignorance is like a sail boat with no wind that goes wherever the current chooses.

  • In a time of calm, reason will overcome those that reason poorly; in a time of tumult, those that reason poorly will have the strength of their unquestioned beliefs that will overpower those that hesitate because of their reasoned doubts.

  • Seldom are reputation and character the same; however, reputation tends to rise or fall in the direction of oneís character.


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