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  • Our stature isn’t determined by how tall we stand; rather it is determined by how strongly we stand against injustice.

  • One of the most common causes of deafness is an overactive tongue.

  • When loving is most intense truth is least so.

  • The heart and the mind can peacefully coexist until we use the mind when the heart should have been used and when we use the mind when the heart should have been used.

  • If we fail to learn how to control our emotions, we will, just like a baby, permit our emotions to control us; and in the process this will permit others to control us by manipulating our emotions to their benefit instead of ours.

  • Those who want to find the meaning of life will eventually discover that the only meaning in life is what we put into it.

  • To choose to never love because of the possible pain of loss is like wanting to avoid being born.

  • As practice tends to make perfect, we shouldn’t be surprised that the longer people are idle the more proficient they become in being idle.

  • Sometimes we can hear more with our eyes than our ears.

  • We shouldn’t be too hasty in destroying all of our delusions because if we succeeded life would surely be barren.

  • The average individual remains trapped within a social framework where freedom is lauded but seldom sought.

  • Those who are prone to say: “It is written.” are correct but not in the way that they assume; actually, the future is written, however, it is written moment by moment as we live.

  • Those who expect and prepare for the worst will be joyous if mistaken. Those who expect and prepare for the best will be devastated if they are mistaken.

  • Those who don’t look out for their tomorrows will find that their tomorrows won’t look out for them.

  • To not abuse power is as difficult as chewing a piece of chocolate and not swallowing it.

  • Nothing can be heard so far beyond earshot as a secret whispered.

  • “Use it or lose it.” Is often said regarding muscles, memory, and a few other things; but it is also true that our negative tendencies can be lost as well, the longer that we don’t use them.

  • We’ve all, on occasion, made mountains out of molehills; however it is much more common to make foothills out of ant hills.

  • To try to always speak the truth is the pinnacle of humanity; in failing to always know what is the truth is human.

  • The creative person is one who is unafraid to leap into the unknown simply because of the faith that no matter how far one falls a bottom will never be found.

  • It seems to be in our nature to always be looking forward; however most of the time that we’re looking forward we’re focusing on what we see in the rearview mirror.

  • One of the great tragedies of life is that by the time that we mature enough to realize how necessary others were in causing us to be what we became, that it is too late to thank them because they are no more.

  • In a circus, we see various animals trained to jump through hoops of fire, while in daily life we see those, who have been trained to follow fads and styles, do the same on cue by their trainers as they call the old to be outmoded and the new to be stylish. The difference is that the animals get rewarded for performing while people willingly pay to perform.

  • The challenge for many is how to become an optimist in a hopeless world. *

  • Be leery of any long-term financial contract that is signed during a time of plenty for it can become a financial death certificate during a time of scarcity.

  • It seems rather strange that our guarantee of freedom of speech has evolved to mean that we concern ourselves far more with exercising that freedom than the content of what we say.

  • A road of life without potholes and bumps is a road that was never traveled.

  • A lie is worse than the truth because once discovered it shows that the person is also weak enough to be frightened by mere words.

  • If before criticizing another, we are supposed walk a mile in their shoes, then we should be very selective who we criticize in order to make sure that their shoes fit us else we regret the criticizing.

  • To fear change only because it is different is to fear life itself.

  • We should never judge what another does until we have all of the facts. We never have all of the facts.

  • No matter how many times that we fail at something we will never know whether the next attempt will succeed unless we try again.

  • Success often comes to those who didn’t seem smart enough to know that they’ve already failed.

  • Those who pray for peace should think about how much more peaceful the world would be if everybody addressed their prayers to “Whom it may concern”.

  • There are those who not only march to a different drummer; they also march in a different band.

  • Don’t be persuaded by someone who says that something is a necessary evil unless that person tells you, necessary for what?


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