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  • The problem with youth isnít that they think that they know everything; the problem is that they think that those that went before know nothing.

  • There are those that seem to be immune to poison ivy; similarly, those that are most creative tend to be immune to criticism.

  • Our flaws are mostly like the inclusions within a diamond; they are there, and they may diminish the worth of the diamond, without in any way causing it to be less appreciated except by those that look for them.

  • Nirvana isnít when we donít let things upset us; it is when we get to the state of mind when we feel that nothing can upset us.

  • Each of us is like a tree that bears fruit that only others can pick, be they lemons or plums.

  • There is no accounting for the important things that we fail to remember and the inconsequential things we never forget. It is too bad that we donít know the rules, that the censor within us, uses.

  • Creative thought is like music; with thought, words are used, while in music, notes are used; in both cases, there must be harmony or they are nothing.

  • Those that seem well suited for a bygone era are correctly regarded today as misfits.

  • If you tend to put off, what you can do today until tomorrow, you will probably want an encore tomorrow..

  • No matter how bright, sunglasses will never be needed when you look on the bright side of things.

  • One might be thought a pessimist for preparing for calamity; however, that person might actually be an optimist that believes in his surviving the worst that life can deliver.

  • Usually, the weaker the argument is, the louder the person.

  • We live in the future that each of us carve out for ourselves; the biggest difference between us is that some have dull knives and hard futures and others sharp knives and soft futures.

  • Be glad that there are non-normal people in the world; without them there could never be any progress; but instead there would be a continuation of todayís normal.

  • It is interesting to wonder what is said when two great listeners get together.

  • The mature mind carries with it its own cheering section and has no need to seek the applause of others.

  • Often our ease of understanding has less to do with our mental powers and more to do with how shallow an answer can be that weíll accept.

  • Generally, it is the losers that believe it is important to win arguments.

  • It seems to be in our nature to take little note of what has been done, and to concern ourselves with what needs to be done.

  • Seeking earthly immortality is seeking the unattainable; all that can become semi-immortal, are our names and what others have chosen to write about us, be it true or false.

  • Individuals, cultures, and nations, are all in a relay race where we take the baton of those that went before, and carry it forward. Those that receive the baton, as if it were a prize, and then refuse to proceed with it, must surely lose the race.

  • People, like gold mines, never appear as to what they are until after careful investigation.

  • Whenever we see aberrant traits in others, tells us more about our lack of insight into ourselves, than it does of our ability to see into others, as it is very likely that we possess the same traits but of a lesser magnitude.

  • Humility can open any eyes that were closed by pride.

  • To have something, that is not shared by another, is to only receive half of the joy of having.

  • The most certain way to maximize the harm, that we believe that another has done to us, is to never forgive and then plan for revenge.

  • Within each individual there is probably at least one talent waiting to be discovered to the benefit of all; yet we would prefer to spend out resources to discover things such as to whether there has ever been life on Mars.


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