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  • Most would prefer to take the risk of failure with the many than risk the opportunity of success with the few.

  • When someone gets diagnosed as having hypochondria, the first thing that they wonder about is whether or not it’s fatal.

  • Paradoxically, true freedom is acquired by first placing reins on ourselves.

  • Those who seek to understand everything will eventually discover that they’ve understood nothing.

  • Perhaps no one thing in life has led mankind to believe that which is false as has his quest for certainty.

  • Few things are as heavy to carry as a grudge.

  • Regard the integrity of those who always agree, as suspicious in the extreme.

  • There is the very strong and erroneous tendency to believe that proving another’s opinion to be false that that will make our belief true.

  • One of the best things about quixotic pursuits is that you don’t have to concern yourself with what to do afterwards.

  • Mankind’s ignorance is obviously enormous as evidenced by our belief that the ignorance is concentrated in others.

  • The future arrives whether we choose to act or not; however, the future that we want arrives when we choose to act wisely.

  • As long as doubts cloud our beliefs, we will seek comfort in the company of those who believe as we do.

  • When we are wise enough to look back on our earlier times and recognize our foolish beliefs and acts, it is even wiser to assume that someday we will probably look back on the present as being the same.

  • If you see no light at the other end of the tunnel, light one on your end so that others can come to you.

  • One of our most valuable assets is disposed of cheaply when we decide to lie about small matters.

  • It is a major mistake to believe that another believes something merely because that person contends so; rather it is wiser to believe that another only claims to believe something. Few things are as common as individuals claiming to believe that which they do not believe.

  • Although we can never really share our pains and sorrows, it is comforting to try.

  • To understand what’s ahead, one must first look backwards.

  • Most disagreements are over conclusions and not observations; and therefore one is of sounder mind to doubt all conclusions and accept none as being The Truth.

  • The wisest doubters are those who doubt their own doubts.

  • Reason furnishes the light on the path to understanding.

  • We cannot reason fear away. If we could we would find that there is very little to fear because most fears originate within us.

  • When it is said that something is easier said than done, it should be pointed out that everything is with one exception which is thinking about what to do. That alone is easier done than said.

  • We often wonder why so many people seek fortunes well beyond what they will ever need. This quest has nothing to do with need. What people seek is power. The quest for power is insatiable and therefore the quest for the power which money provides can not be satisfied.

  • When choosing the road less traveled, it is wise to be careful while on that road to be sure that it isn’t traveled very often for very sound reasons.

  • The ultimate denial is when we deny that we are denying.

  • To test the corruptibility of someone, elect that person to public office.

  • To ask another “How do you know that?” is to put that person just one move away from checkmate.

  • It is true that fools rush in where angels fear to tread; however, it is just as true that fools choose to stay where angels choose to vacate.

  • Undoubtedly being able to learn is a valuable ability; however, often overlooked is the very important ability to unlearn that which has been shown to be false.

  • Whenever we use or hear another express the word “is”, it helps to clarify out thoughts to mentally substitute the word “exists”. If this then seems true, then the word “is” will probably be descriptive.

  • The line between being a helper and being an enabler is completely transparent. Only long after crossing that line do we become aware that what we thought was helping was really enabling.

  • First impressions are about as reliable as knowing what is inside of a gift because of its wrappings.

  • When we hold a grudge it is really the grudge which is holding us.


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