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  • The language of love never needs an interpreter, only a recipient.

  • When love of self exists, it is seldom unrequited.

  • Without the flames of curiosity, the embers of formal education flicker and die.

  • To what extent we donít control our thoughts; to that extent we relinquish the rights to our own minds.

  • Has anyone ever discovered what that word is that is supposed be sufficient to the wise? Perhaps it is only the word ďIímĒ since it is the contraction of ďI amĒ, and if it is, then that is probably all that a wise person would want to either hear or say.

  • Change is inevitable; its direction isnít.

  • Many that regard themselves as free remain slaves to their desires and fears; it isnít until one can truthfully say that they donít care about what they want, or care about that which they fear, can anyone be truly free.

  • When we fall in love, the impact is sweet and soft.

  • Our judgments about others has less to do with them and a lot to do with our own insecurities that are stirred by values that are different than our own.

  • One is wealthy if contented and impoverished if not, regardless of the wealth accumulated.

  • Destiny can be the road that we believe we must take, or it can be the road that we choose to make.

  • We tend to think of a self-made man as one that somehow created what he is; however, each of us is the result of countless others, some of whom may have been destructive to our success, but none-the-less, necessary for what weíve become.

  • Throughout life, in the absence of cowardice, honor is inevitable

  • Why is it that when we hear a song that we like, we like to hear it over and over; but when we hear a joke that we like, we donít want to hear it a second time?

  • Oneís most embarrassing time is the week following death.

  • Perhaps the only secret to being a late bloomer is to not be an early ďwilterĒ.

  • The sanctuary of sameness with others is paid for by the loss of the individualís self-realizations.

  • We need to always remember that our limitations arenít what they used to be.

  • The wisest person, when offered power over others, will forego it.

  • Many feel incapable of acting unless they are certain of the outcome; but outcomes are seldom certain except to the delusional.

  • To have a life, of both highs and lows, makes us appreciate life more; we appreciate life because the lows depart and appreciate life when the highs enter; to have an elimination of highs and lows throughout life would be a monotony too great to endure.

  • One of the worst things about living is the realization of our failure to a loved one.

  • Appeasement is a terrible policy in dealing with anything that we fear, especially when it is a fear of something that canít harm, which is the case with most of our fears. Appeasement only increases fearís dominion over us.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 138 of  161

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