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  • The greatest debts, which we accumulate, are to those who helped us along the way but who are no longer around for us to repay.

  • Reasoning with another’s theological dogmas is little different than reasoning with a stone.

  • Even though we can go through much of life ignoring reality, we will eventually discover that doing so isn’t reciprocated.

  • It is wise to assume that every statement of fact is a hypothesis, which may or may not be believed by any who declare it to be so. By holding a “fact” as a hypothesis, it is easier to rid ourselves of them if contradictory evidence is found. Thus, we become evolving individuals which are less inclined to becoming relics of the past who hold fast to the past.

  • In a web spun by lies, if a single fiber is cut, the web fails. In a web spun by truths, that doesn’t happen.

  • The strongest test of one’s power over others is when that power is exercised only as a last resort.

  • The test of one’s strength is being in the presence of those who hold very different beliefs and not feeling threatened.

  • It is may be true that the early bird gets the worm; however if so early that it’s dark the early bird gets a cat.

  • If it is assumed to be true: “I think therefore I am.”, does it then follow that when we fail to think that we therefore aren’t?

  • Those who never seem to know when enough is enough will never have enough.

  • It is true that many birds of a feather do flock together; however it is also true that many birds of a feather often die together.

  • Even though a stopped clock will be right twice a day, one that runs one second slow per day won’t be right in over a century.


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