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  • Even if it is true, that a little learning is a dangerous thing; a little learning is an absolute prerequisite on the way to much learning.

  • Genius may be nothing more than a form of madness that has great utility.

  • One thing that should be remembered is that once one possesses anything, rarely does it seem more valuable than before.

  • When we are inside of a house, we canít tell what it looks like from the outside; likewise, we must view our lives from the inside, never being sure of what we are like on the outside; this is because there is no mirror to life except in how others see us.

  • When we discover small things bothering us, it means that we have big problems within.

  • Although absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely, there is one instance where it is just the reverse; when one has absolute power over oneself,

  • Itís no wonder that time seems to go faster the older you get; things are always faster when going downhill.

  • To rear children without the knowledge of the consequences of their acts is to rob them of their most successful teachers.

  • If you write something that seems right, even though you donít understand it, many will.

  • In dealing with others, you should provide lessons for them to take instead of your teaching to them.

  • The public apparently doesnít know what it wants until television lets them in on the secret.

  • The epilogue to our book of life is always written by others.

  • To almost everyone, constructive criticism is indistinguishable from just plain old criticism.

  • Those say that the human mind has its limitations are only dealing with a hypothesis that can not be tested.

  • Without our cornucopia of delusions, it is questionable whether civilization, as we now know it, could survive for only two more generations.

  • If you have done something, that you regret or are ashamed of, it is impossible to see how another would be benefited by your confession, but it is easy to see how you might be harmed

  • The limits, that each of us have in our ability to comprehend, places limits on what we will accept as fact. This explains why so many truths, that are obvious to some, are totally rejected by those lacking in an ability to understand, and why beliefs are so widely varied .

  • Even though we cast a larger shadow, the closer we are to the source of a light, the shadow becomes less and less dark and ill-defined until it seems to vanish in much the same ways that a fear fades when we approach its source.

  • One of the happiest things that you can tell another is how happy they have made you.

  • Those that we regard as being the sanest are those that are most able to imitate it.

  • The game of life is easiest to win if you make up the rules as you go along.

  • Why is it that you can lose a good reputation but not a bad one?

  • The criticism that we should most cultivate is the kind that is homegrown for our own consumption.

  • A disagreement with another can be the fertilizer that offers growth; our agreement with another offers only stagnation.

  • A baby is nurtured by its mother until weaned; after that, the child is nurtured by others so as to mature with the beliefs of the many.

  • There are many wrongs that we do that are made worse by trying to make them right.

  • One should be tolerant even of anotherís intolerance for to show intolerance to intolerance is to set anotherís opinions into concrete.


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